Uncontrollable # 13

by Amelkovich Igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 31st of December 2008 09:09:49 AM


David McCracken
Laugh... I am maybe not laughing but I do like the image.

Linda Davidson
Igor, I don't see the joke. To me it just looks sadistic and very sexist. I didn't rate it though. Sorry.

Emma Parra
I don`t think so, i f you loo her expresion she isn't scared, her arms are the fortness, she is controlling the situation. Nice theme an composition, I like it...

Taz Rahman

I am really enjoying the backdrop and the lighting in this series. What you are depicting for me is not earth shatteringly interesting but I love how you are composing these images. It demonstrates a lot of technical understanding of what makes an interesting picture.

Igor Amelkovich
Uncontrollable # 13 New Year's joke here)

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