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Published: Sunday 28th of December 2008 10:08:04 PM


Jim Phelps
John, The lines here are fantastic! The pose, the use of B&W, and the vantage point all work together with the lines to create a very appealing image. My compliments to you both. Jim Phelps

Rakesh Syal
Great pose and capture of mood, John!! Wishing you and your family A Very Happy & Prosper New Year 2009!! Warm regards, Rakesh

John Peri
Many thanks Bob and Artur, indeed it is the one I completed and posted as first choice also, but I quite understand that someone may wish to see the colour version that it came from. A very Happy New Year to you. John

Artur Cansino
Hi John......prefer the BW version of this shot. As expected from you a lovely photo indeed. Congratulations on your shot in 'French Photo' mag as well. Artur

:) John, You have wonderful stairs for shooting :) Greetings!

Janusz Taras
Beautiful composition John.Happy New Year .Janusz.

Ioannis Lukas
Xronia polla agapite John! warm regards/ Janis Lukas

Alberto Quintal
Dale. WOW!!! Beautiful. Alberto

Maurizio Moro
Too much lovely image, my friend,...like usual!...Ciaomau!

John Peri
Found it .. here it is .. untreated (and uncropped) though, the window may be a little bright ..

Joe Baker
may this foto be an inspiration for better times. your work is always a pleasure. sincerly Joe B.

Alon Eshel
Sexy scene , Amazing expression

John Peri
Than you Steve ... yes, the sun does come in directly, but I evade those hours because the contrast is too great. I do sympathize with the importance of hands and arms in corporal expression. Strangely, what many of them frequently have a tendency to do is to spread them beyond the field of vision, so the challenge is often to keep them within the frame. The only time I have been fearful with regards to the neighbours was when this young lady that was wearing nothing started playing the saxophone full blast on the stairs, it's a particularly loud instrument that resonated throughout the building (there are a couple of photos posted somewhere on here) .. indeed, a door opened on the floor below and I told her to quickly hide behind the lift ..luckily, no one bothered to climb five or six stairs ! Oh yes, and one other time the lift came up and a long conversation ensued on my floor. The model was stuck in between floors and as chance would have it in these circumstances, people started moving packages in and out of the apartment below. The lift is very, very narrow, so she had to juggle between one side and the other. Oh well, it's all in the name of art.

Bob Kurt
Absolutely Beautiful!

Juan Carlos Rivera
Beautiful shot, full of glamour. I have to say that I prefer the copy in colour. The red carpet and the golden medaillons are so beautiful...but nothing compared with the pritty model and her relax pose. Congrats and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

John Peri
Thank you Steve for this very interesting comment. I shall bear in mind next time to watch out for that arm, but these shots are done very quickly one after the other and it's not always easy to do. Other than "try to sit over there", I don't really pose the models ... it sometimes leads to more natural shots .. My computer has blown up, so I am not sure I can acccess the original at the moment. If it's on my separate hard disk, I'll get it from here from on my laptop .. Happy New year my friend. John

Stephen Solomon
Thank you for accommodating my request so quickly! As I had imagined, the color of the carpet and the complexion of your model is just as warm, complimentary and vibrant as could possibly be envisioned in this setting. What I have been wondering is, Is there ever direct sunlight in this stairway?, or is it always reflected light? - as in Northern Exposure. In other words, as in windows facing in a Northward direction??? I suspect it is. I understand that posing is sometimes not up to the photographer, no matter how carefully the direction, and getting the right elements of the pose can be evasive, so I hope you will only take my previous suggestion as insight for an up-coming shoot utilizing this stairway, or other choice settings. Positioning of arms and hands conveys mood and personality in your subject. Your color image is very good. I don't mind it's lack of cropping. I feel it still has the same impact and interesting composition. Closer is always better with regard to the main subject!!!!!!!!! The color is what I was curious about. The warmth of the setting. It is just perfect! I hope your building supervisor realizes the importance of this staircase!!! I also hope the other tenants appreciate the beauty that has graced the steps they trod upon!!!!!!!

Stephen Solomon
Nice composition with asymmetric lines! The triangular position of her within the stairway flows very well. I would suggest, for next time, you ask your model to extend her right arm, hand and fingers out, down and along the railing to her right just to avoid the truncated look of her arm and hand in her lap. Then you would accentuate the grace of her pose even more and give a bit more depth to the lower foreground. She is beautifully depicted. May we see the color version? Thanks! Steve

Stephen Solomon
Thank you, John for taking time to elaborate on your photo experiences. I find it comical to know you have not only a challenge in making a beautiful image of your subject, but you and your models must also contend with the daily activity of the tenants of your building regarding these stairway poses. Oh, to stumble upon a John Peri photo shoot... how unfortunate! NOT!

John Peri
Time to put 2008 behind us ... and look forward to better times ...

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