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by Bueckert Axel

reclining nude seeking critique bueckert axel

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Exif Information:
Make : SONY
Model : DSLR-A300
Date Time Original : 2008-12-20 00:19:37
Focal Length : 22/1
Exposure Time : 1/200
F Number : 9.0
Iso Speed Ratings : 100
Flash : 16
Metering Mode : 3
Exposure Mode : 1
Focal Length In35mm Film : 33
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 10.0000000
Y Resolution : 10.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS Windows

Published: Saturday 27th of December 2008 11:25:41 PM


eric gindele
If your not going to smile try not to look at he camera.

Jerry Matchett
The feeling here is one of a classical painting. It occurs to me that post processing techniques could be used to enhance that feeling. I will attempt to quickly do something to give you the idea.

Barry Carlton
A reference to the classics, with all that drapery.

Barry Carlton
Actually, a smile would wreck this image. (On the other hand, I don't think you have to be a portraitist to have a valid opinion on the subject, just as you don't have to be a football player to understand the game.)

Sweid Sideris
I like it too much, a sincere artistic expression, accurate, meticulous, with a formidable lightning. But imho the darkened areas around the subject are not necessaries for the purpose. Sorry, perhaps a matter of tastes, but I feel it in this way.

Adam De Frang
Hey Eric I dont see any portraits in your portfolio so what the hell do you know, anyways I like the expression and the way she is positioned against the curves of the back and foreground, it makes this image special and unique as is the case with most of your nudes.

Michael Sebastian
I think the facial expression is just fine. It suggests a certain ennui. The image does indeed remind me of a Dutch Old Master, as I think someone mentioned above. She is beautiful; I'd love to see more of her in a less crowded scene. Beautiful.

Matthew Ebbers
Axel... I would like to see more of her curves. You have all these great curved lines with the fabric on the wall and the scalloped edges on the sofa, why not repeat these line with her natural curves.

Juan Carlos Rivera
I like very much the model pose and the general colours in your photograph. May be the courtain is too much evident for the soft atmosphere and soft colours. Any way this is a beautiful photo. Congrats.

Scott Wendt
Sweet Stuff

A really sweet photo.  Nicely done by both model and photographer.

Axel Bueckert
reclining nude comments and ratings appreciated, thanks!

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