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Published: Saturday 20th of December 2008 11:43:26 PM


Maurizio Moro
Ciao, John!...again a...too much wonderful image!....GRANDE!!!...Ciaomau!

Jim Phelps
John, This is a classic. The pose reminds me of those used in drawing classes in art school. Jim Phelps

Salvador Penaloza
There is no better way to end the year, congratulations, just great, Merry Xmas and Happy 2009 //Salvador

Raymond Elstad
Lovey indeed is she as is the pose, the light and the glow of her skin... Well done indeed... John, you have a way with words that would benifit mankind if it could be bottled and dispenced when needed... Your 'art speak' is in a rhelm of it's own and I mean this respectfully and in a good way... I truly wish that I had such facility when speaking about works. May you have a wonderful holiday season! Cheers, -R-

John Peri
Thank you friends, Buon Natale ed Anno Nuovo

Art Rivera
Perfect body Great lighting and exposure, I donĀ“t know where you get so many gorgeous models. Congratulations for you and your model.

Bob Kurt
Pure Beauty!

John Peri
Thank you Lennart for your generous remarks and the others dear friends too. Much credit of course goes to the model. The natural grace is hers and my role is just to try and capture it. However, I think it is more for others to answer your question than myself. It is also very subjective. I certainly set out to record what I relate to, but very often I find the girls to be so much more beautiful than they appear in my photos! So whereas others that see an image may be satisfied more or less, I am not always so. The beauty I refer to however is often to be found more in the personality than in the physique, and it is hard to put that on the camera. Having said that, I do not think one would often recognize these models in real life after looking at the photos. Photography is a means to play act a role which is sometimes more representative of the moment lived than reality. Like Andy Warhol said that everyone can be famous for 5 mins, everyone can be beautiful too.

Juan Carlos Rivera
A beautiful image, John. Pose and illumniation are very fine. Congrats.

Lennart Goldmann
Dear John Once again you got the perfect balance of eroticism, grace and respect for the model. You seem to achieve this regardless of the models, who are always beautiful. Hence my question: have you ever failed, in the sense that the model was pretty a first glance, but not photogenic or didn't "click"? Happy Christmas, and thanks for all the presents you have given us at photo.net! Regards Lennart

Janusz Taras
jOHN, Merry Christmas & A happy New Year .

Peter Meade
Fabulous, languid and statuesque study. Excellent. P

Alessandro Della Casa
Extremely well done and very provoking....

Alberto Quintal
John Beautiful, I love it, lovely model. Alberto

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi John. Very beautiful pictures, pretty model, poses very glamour, lighting perfect, a true pleasure for the eyes. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year ! Jean-Jacques.

Debra Rohan
Beautiful John John: D. H. Lawrence would be proud for expressing his writings and beliefs. Beautiful! Debra

Emma Parra
Excelent pose, good b&w

A.K. Sircar
Hi,John, wishing you Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year of excellent photography.

Yves Pichon
Wonderful model Wonderful model and excellent photographer. I love the way you reveal the secret beauty of your models. I enjoy drawing from your photographs such as this one. Regards. Yves

Rakesh Syal
Its just not body you have captured the soul dear John! Warm regards, Rakesh.

John Peri
No agenda ..

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