Snow Fun

by Paiken Lawrence

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Published: Sunday 14th of December 2008 11:16:48 PM


Iftikhar Ahmad
Nice color Ice cold fun. She is elated that that she can get her car out of garage. (Thank God for Florida minus hurricanes)

Lawrence Paiken
Appreciate your input, Mike.

Marta Eva LLamera
Love title and love this work. Thanks for sharing so fun moment. Best Regards.

Lawrence Paiken
Thank you, Cynthia.

Liz Weisiger
Lawrence, I visualize this poor woman getting hysterical because she is so tired and sees so much snow, and now she is just pitching it wherever. It cracks me up. I enjoy looking at this image, and I love the pp, which makes it so interesting. Thanks for the lift.

Lawrence Paiken
Greatly appreciated, Liz and Kim.

Ana Luthi
Lawrence, Ecxellent and fun scene, very good shot! best regards.

Cynthia Jean
Lawrence Title is perfect according to her expression. Ahhh the simple pleasures in life. Well taken here and love your processing as always. Peace to you and yours.

Sonali De
Christmas time. Nice scene. Regards.

Kim Slonaker
I like whatever you did here - makes it very appealing and fun.

Lawrence Paiken
lol...thanks, Ifti. Have a great week to all.

Lawrence Paiken
My dear friends.....thank you all for your time, words of encouragement and ratings. Greatly appreciated.

Tim Zeipekis
This really says it all for us cold weather people doesn't it? Great storytelling shot and you'll have to share your post-processing secret because the look is fantastic!

Afshin Azizi
Beautiful scene and edition.regards

Huseyin Gurses
A very good treatment! Well done lawrence.

Micheal Kraml
Lawrence, excellent shot. What's amazing, that the backdrop to the fun action is a completely ordinary neighborhood, yet the pic looks funtastic. I think it's in large part due to the post processing - it created kinda an unreality out of that ordinary reality. This could be a great Xmas card. Cheers, Micheal

Steve Shinn
Great fun shot. You should use it for your Christmas cards!

Michael Linder
Lawrence: Unfortunately, the ratings monster bit me again; so I couldn't rate this shot as it deserves. Please accept my comments instead. This photograph resembles an oil painting, much to your credit. The color palette is gorgeous, and the contrasts and detail are perfect, IMHO. I must add that this lady did a fine job in shovelling the driveway. Perhaps the big grin on her face is because she just completed the task. On the other hand, it might be nothing more than an expression of sheer joy. Fantastic work . . . michael PS Many thanx for your support and kind words.

hans peters
Great shot lawrence, the timing is spot on and her expression makes the picture. cheers, Hans

Keith Lancaster
Great scene Lawrence with again your most excellent p/p work...Regards

Richard Armstrong
A classic Paiken!! What a wonderful slice of winter life shot, Lawrence! Best regards, Dick

Micheal Kraml
Lawrence, and you're a Toronto boy, too. That's extra one thousand points...that are as useful as eating soup with a fork, but maybe they'll melt the snow.

Sumon Mukherjee
Wonderful execution. Best regards.

Marjorie Smith
You sure she's having fun...It looks like she might want to hit someone! Humerous shot...Marjorie

Jose Ignacio Saez de Ugarte
Funny and beautiful done. Warm regards.

Kathy B.
Love it, Larence!

Lawrence Paiken
Thank you, Kathy, Yalcin and Sonia

David Meyer
Lawrence There were just too many comments for me to digest right now (my, it must be nice to be so popular), so I'm sure someone already said it. But this sucker should definitely be made into a Hallmark Christmas card. It's perfect.

Sonia Mason
I truely love this moment! Brilliant shot! Wonderful expression and happy feeling. I'm so glad you took the moment to grab your camera! I look forward to seeing more from you in the new year! Take care Lawrence

Lawrence Paiken
You are all tooooo kind. Thank you so much...greatly appreciated as always. The funny thing is that I shovelled and my wife posed. The snow fight that took place after that was pretty hilarious.

Yalcin Adali
A great moment..Lawrence..Very nice treatment and colours..Greetings.Y/A

Lupo Lobo
Well done Lawrence - you have a style/art all of your own. As I mentioned in a previous post there is a Norman Rockwell kind of feel. I really enjoy your creative and artistic creations.

Nancy Barrett
A perfect commentary to suburban city life, Lawrence. As has already been stated here, the treatment gives it an extra dimension, lifts it from the ordinary somehow. You've captured the perfect moment here, in her expression and the snow being flung from her shovel. Looks like we're in for another old-style Toronto winter! Best, Nancy

Johanna Da Cruz
Hallo there Lawrence, a scene I truly just found tooo cute. It's as if the lady has just said..." Ok, dear I have done my bit today and tomorrow your turn"..hahaha... Amusing and a photo well always do....Congrats and thank you for sharing the moment........................................................................................... Warmest Regards adn may you and your family have a wonderful New Year blessed with love,peace,health and closeness to family and friends in 2009.........

Rob Wilson
A super winter 'cartoon' shot. I think that this is one of your best, and most charming shots yet! Great work! All the best, Rob

Linda Davidson

The title say Snow Fun but that expression could be one of joy or anguish. I love it! So Canadian.

Lawrence Paiken
Snow Fun Comments are welcome. Thanks

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