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Gallery: My handcrafts

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Published: Saturday 13th of December 2008 12:39:01 PM


Ilkka Kallio
Hienoa! Terkkuja Ilu

Giuliano Boiti
compliments for the idea

Anne Jouhtinen
Thank you a lot! All the best,a

Chan Chen
in chinese philosophy life and death is a cycle, both sides of the same things. so i take pictures of dead animals and faded flowers too. may your art works going well. best wishes !

Anne Jouhtinen
Thank you a lot for sharing thoughts and philosophy of your culture! Life and death, sisters. Death just a passage to something new.I wish you all the best for your life and photographing. With hugs, anne

Mark H
I've enjoyed your gallery of handcrafts quite a bit. You've chosen materials (bone) that stands out and created some rather wonderful art works here. I chose to comment on this one, because it seemed to speak of the cycle of life to me. I like the progression from trees to mountains, to animals to the sun and sky, it's a beautiful piece.

Anne Jouhtinen
Thank you very much Mark, wish you all the best! : )

Anne Jouhtinen
Walkers under the Moon I have been working with bones and skulls as an artform, God only knows why, as a way to honour animals killed by human beings. This work is a mixture of Finnish felted sheepwool and hyoid bones of a white-tailed deer and it is based on a fairytale. Thanks for looking!

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