Muir Inlet, Glacier Bay National Park, 2001

by Luong Quang-Tuan

muir inlet glacier bay national park luong quang tuan

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Published: Saturday 13th of December 2008 12:31:22 AM


raoul Butler
Giday Quang Tuan Luong I read what you did to create these impressive images, and all I could think was you are a true warrior, you are a photo warrior. These images don't come easy and for everything we are presented, you have had to work. Not only are you a photo warrior you are a film photo warrior, using digital is great, but film is skill and an exact process and requires getting it 100% CORRECT. If you ever get to New Zealand I'm down in Bluff NZ, just off Stewart Island (The very southern tip of NZ) you are most welcome to drop by.

Fabien Tschantz
Splendid ! Wonderfull picture with the blue tone and the rock of clear ice in the foreground !! Very well done !!

Len Marriott
Quang-Tuan The placement of the foreground ice is a bit too central for me. Had I been there as well, I would have composed with this element a bit more to the left. But then I've never had a shot qualify for POW. :-) Maybe I should go through your folder a few more times.......................with a studied approach. Nice work! Best, LM.

Thomas Barnes
A spectacular encounter. I think this ice block--like a diamond in the rough-- is so fascinating that I felt like I wanted to get closer and examine it. Also, I cropped the image vertically along the left edge of the floating ice. It seemed to focus my eye on the ice block. The reflections of the mountains lead your eye right to the ice block. Nice! And the subtle purple of the sky across the water is a great way to keep the picture from being blue, black and white. Good job!

Eyad Al-Samman
Blue One of my best photos that I have browsed today. Perspective, DOF and horizontal wide angle are all professionally done in this landscape.

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