You are Silly..

by Soini Hannu

you are silly finland seeking critique soini hannu

Gallery: Dogs and Animals

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Category: Animal

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Published: Friday 5th of December 2008 10:15:02 AM


Liz Weisiger
Hello, Hannu, I don't think I understand the commentary here, but I know when I see a good dog face. This one is beautifully captured.

Hannu Soini
YoU aRe BoRing -- You guys think that eating mandarins and drawing is fun…well let me tell you….there is a nice Cow graveyard behind the old slaughterHouse…that is FuN and CreativE… you are missing the best of life …. I am talking about BoNeS–well what do you know….mandarins may ass…sigh..C&C.

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