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Published: Friday 28th of November 2008 04:49:24 PM


Maurizio Moro
Sweret&soft portrait!...Ciaomau!

Sweid Sideris
No, don't touch the contrast, don't touch anything.

Alon Eshel
That's a very good portrait . Excellent b&w

John Peri
Thank you friends for your advice.

John Peri
Thank you Stephen, all this is very subjective of course .. as I mentioned further up, alike you I also thought it needed possibly a bit more contrast. The print I made looks fine, here I find it a little flat. As for the lamp, I wondered about that too. Initially, my instinct was to leave it in, but in small format as you can see on this page one would then loose much of the facial expression, particularly in the eyes ... you are right however, maybe I should have shown this in the mainframe and then added a close up below .. thanks for passing by and giving your opinion.

Jim Phelps
John, I concur with Carlos, Do NOT touch anything. The contrast works very well with the facial expression and the B&W to create the mood. Jim Phelps

Alberto Quintal
John. Those beautiful tones, I love it,great pose and expression. Alberto

Sweid Sideris
Quite enigmatic facial expression, a gaze like sharpened darts, and the soft, clever lightning doing the job. You know John, when a picture drives me to the emotions from the beginning then I know that I am in front a good one. First of all what kind of emotions/feelings the image produces to my mind, in second place the minor issues related wtih those technical stuffs. At all, delightful capture.

John Peri
Thank you friends .. it could possibly do with just a touch more contrast ... ?

Tore Nilsson
The idea is to comment on the picture and not the model, but one thing I like about this picture is her expression, its great. beautiful model and good lighting and contrast also. Good work of you both. Best regards Tore

Stephen Buhagiar
Hi John. If i had to compare it with your collection, i wouldn't say this is yours. Normally, you tend to exhibit better photos. With no offense, but i'm sure you can understand me-we do our comments to learn from each other. I feel that there is no contrast. Her skin could be softer. The lampshade on her left hand side could be cropped out. I like her position and her look. Normally your post-production and editing is much better and photographs leave an impact on those who sees them.

hamed sp
Dear John ; Nice work. its light and her pose are very good...Well Done Best Regards .... HSP

A.K. Sircar
She is cute and photogenic, John. Beautiful portrait.

John Peri
Stephen thank you, truly. Your version definitely has more punch than either of mine do. Now I'm going to have to figure out how to do that! The truth is that I rarely spend more than a token length of time on each photo, though obviously I should sometimes. Thank you once again.

Michael S. Maddox
It's a lovely portrait. John, I think this is a lovely portrait, and I think that both the lower contrast and higher contrast samples you've shown each have their merit. For my part, I like the crop in the original because it keeps the emphasis on the model and her expression. As for increasing the contrast a little, I do think that higher contrast works well on the model. However, increasing the contrast in the image overall makes the background elements look a bit sharper, and therefore they compete for the eye's attention a bit more. My vote would be to increase contrast on selective parts of the model only, and leave the background alone. And since the tonality on the model is so delicate, I think applying different levels of contrast on selected areas would also be beneficial. For example, her hair can benefit from stronger contrast than her eyes and mouth. And, the rest of her skin could benefit from a still lesser degree of contrast. Of course, all this is simply nitpicking an already beautiful shot. I'll attach a slightly retouched version with selective contrast adjustments. -Michael

Sonia Mason
The skin tones and light are fabulous. Wonderful natural pose and beautiful model. Well done

Janusz Taras
Excellent portrait.Perfect brom tone.John;thank you very much.Janusz.

Peter Meade
A delightful portrait. Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2009. P

Trisha Jean-Angela

 A lovely and natural portrait; looks like it could have been taken on any ordinary day of the week while sitting down to enjoy a meal or conversation and that is what I really like about this one. Very well done. Thank you for sharing. :)

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady .. ..

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