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Gallery: The other side of the street ....

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Published: Tuesday 25th of November 2008 11:06:41 AM


Bob Kurt
Very interesting picture!

John Peri
As you can see, there are not enough clothes to go around ...

Alberto Quintal
John. Lovely!!! Alberto

Maurizio Moro
Great "out"...seies!...Ciaomau!

Josemi Gondra
She´ll come inmediately The title is as good as the photo itself. A nice harmony of woman body, nice clothes and city streets atmosphere. I think you could do it better about the girl´s expression - it seems a little "cold", as the street ?. Very best congratulations, John, a very artistic one. Ikusi arte - see you. Josemi Gondra.

John Peri
It sure is my friend ... :-)

Alessandro Della Casa
A great series. I have been thinking about shooting something similar, but never got the chance...

Peter Meade
There's no place like Paris! Do you keep that coat especially for these trips out? That looks like two models you've shown in it.

Jonathan Farmer
Picked this one out at a glance. Very John Perieish. Grate image.

Alon Eshel
Ha , This is crazy :) love it

W J Gibson
classic look, could be a Paris street

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi John Beautiful shot of this angel of the night , congratulations and best regards // Jean-Jacques

John Peri
Ha ha .. thanks Stephen .. this is actually Paris in the 16th, just below my apartment ... but I did do this also on East 3rd Street in New York, right in front of a trendy restaurant ... :-) .. I promise you that the hardest thing to cope with is the laughter, not the light ..

Goran Anastasovski

Stephen Solomon
Admirers! Paris is not the only place this could be accomplished! It only takes a scantily clad model and a photographer who can walk backwards while pushing the shutter button! Paaaleeeeeaaaaaaazzzze!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like maybe America based on the autos! Hey John! You've got the best two out of three. The trick is to figure out which two. Great perspective and interest in this pic! The coat is cool! Steve

Lennart Goldmann
I really like this series. I see you have one coat but several stockings! Technically, maybe the flash is a bit hard in this one - you see the number plates reflecting it, and also it seems too strong on the model. I never tried, but I guess using the flash outdoors is hard to master (no way of bouncing, unless you have an assistant, and then it would become more staged). Anyway, great shot, beautiful model, excellent idea! Regards Lennart

John Peri
Hy Jim .. I wrote to you ..

Jim Phelps
John, This brings back memories of Paris. I tried this unsuccessfully in New York. Jim Phelps

John Peri
Thanks Lennart .. the coat is the same, but the stockings and the young ladies in them differ .. ha ha .. yes, it's hard to use the flash correctly whatever that is in these circumstances. What I did in fact is to mark it down two stops, so that it worked essentially as a fill in ... but they are fun photos and were even more so to do, the girls found it hillarious. I actually took one with the passer by looking at the model .. maybe if I black out her eyes i can post it here later .. rushing out now, but I'll have a look. many thanks for passing by again. John

Jim Phelps
John, Have you posted the New York image?? Jim Phelps

John Peri
Raymond, if it's you they see, they'll call the cops .. no problem with this young lady or any of the others, passers by always smile ...

Raymond Elstad
Now You are Talking!... ;-) ... You haver created every man's fanticy come to life and one I certainly hope to encounter before I pass from this rhelm. Steping into dangerous territory too, public nudity, but perhaps things are a little more sane in Paris... lol... Love the other one in this series of flashers too.

John Peri
Ok, I'll come immediately ... .. an ongoing series ...

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