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Gallery: The other side of the street ....

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 23rd of November 2008 11:55:00 PM


Juan Carlos Rivera
Model and you are very daring, John! Nice shot.

Kombizz Kashani
very brave shot in that busy street

William Hood
Oh, bad, naughty! Need an assistant? ;o) Love your work!

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi. Always photos exceptionally, very pretty topic glamor, first-class model, lighting perfect. I love this photo. Friendly // Jean-Jacques

Alberto Quintal
John Excellent, I love this style( in the street) fantastic! Alberto

John Peri
Michael, thanks a lot. If I ever publish this photo I will definitely follow your advice and do that .. Now the influence you cite is correct of course .. it helps to convince the models of the seriousness of the task .. :-) hmm .. I have several more of other young ladies I have taken recently too, some of which I may post ..

Michael S. Maddox
Obvious Helmut Newton influence, here. And like so much of Mr. Newton's work, this is a very playful and amusing shot. (And, of course, the model herself is quite beautiful). The only thing I might change would be to clone out the diagonal shapes in the background above her head (flagpoles?), and possibly also clone out the lamp-post. Those items are a little distracting, but otherwise it's a very fun shot. Very Newton! -Michael

John Peri
Thank you friends.

Lennart Goldmann
Very suggestive, I could imagine a storyline like: "I am going to join my lover, no time to get dressed, lucky I found a parking slot!" Of course, the picture speaks for itself, no need for storylines, it is up to anyone's fantasy! Well done! Regards Lennart

Bob Kurt
So very cute, i love it. well done.

Thomas Collins
What a fun series John. I must visit Paris soon if these images are typical of the average pedestrian traffic!

Brad Kim
Inspiring work, John! My best wishes to you at Thanksgiving!

Heino Elnionis
perfect Very impressive photo.

Neil Peters
The shot I've dreamed of taking for many many years. The tonal range is deep indeed, wonderful model work, to make it all happen.

j smiler
Fantastic. 7/7 for the dare alone.

John Peri
Evening Stroll ... .. it snowed today actually ...

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