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Published: Sunday 16th of November 2008 01:03:38 PM


Maurizio Moro
The most arrogant part of her body, is the glance!...Wonderful image!...Ciaoamu!

Alon Eshel
This is a superb work , A perfect b&w , Light , posing and location . Bravo !!!

John Peri
Thank you Jeff. Many thanks to all the others too. Jim, I have looked carefully at your crop, thank you, and I see above that others like it also. Certainly, I agree that it works as a body portrait too, but I do retain a propensity for placing a model in a more widely diffuse environment which in my view helps to focus on her presence. I find more meaning to her stance in the larger context than in just using the wall as a prop, more mystery possbily too. I am delighted to discover other points of view however, thank you once again.

Salvador Penaloza
The shot is excellent itself, but she takes my breath away , well done , felicidades //Salvador

Janusz Taras
Beautiful light and composition John.Regards.

Juan Carlos Rivera
A really beautiful composition, with a good and sensual atmosphere. Congrats.

Pierre Dumas
Wow, what an...interior! John you made my day! Thank you for that! PDE

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Another strong composition. Very sultry.

Meir Samel
John, perhaps the contrast could be bumped up a little?

Alberto Quintal
John Perfect! I love your elegant work. Alberto

Oleg Novojilov
Listen to nobody. An excellent picture

Jim Phelps
John, I really like the facial expression. For me it really makes the image. However, the surronding elements draw my eye from her face . For me this is a distraction, so I would crop this something like the above. Jim

Jody Frost
Perfect crop! John John John... where DO you find your models hmmmm? They're all so delish! Haven't been looking much lately, but as always you're work draws ones attention! Jody

Raymond Elstad
Lovely Indeed John... I like the space she is in, it, along with she, seems to be calling me to enter therein. If I were to crop it would be the dark doorway on the left. Cheers, r

John Peri
Thank you Lennart. I have really answered your question in large part already on my front page .. the overwhelming majority of my models are young ladies that I just meet around, in caf├ęs, though friends etc., this comprises around 95 % of my portfolio, maybe more. There is obviously no question of money involved. I also work from time to time with young models starting out in their career whom I help to build up their book, it is a two way process and again no question of any money exchanged, either way ! Finally, over the last couple of years, I have also photographed a handful of full time professional models, a few of which received a fee. A couple in New York and a few in Paris too. However, this is a rarity for me and without doubt, I prefer young people that do not have the "prejudice" of experience, I find that it produces work that is more closely aligned with what I try to do. Also, in my experience, it is easier to guide someone that has never done this before. As you rightly say however, the core of the experience is making friends, having fun and creating something artistic in the process. Oh, and the Champagne is always on me .. :-) Many thanks for passing by, John

John Peri
Thank you my friend but it is the young ladies that have these qualities, I just observe and try to record them.

Jeff H
John, First off, thanks for looking at my work, rating and commenting. I try to take all critiques and use them wisely. Second, I wanted to let you know that again, your work is fantastic. Love the lighting and tonalities. I DO also like the cropped version above as it narrows ones focus obviously to the very attractive woman. Kudos my friend.

Lennart Goldmann
Cropping and Models Not to make an endless discussion about cropping, but personally I prefer John's original - I like the model to be in some kind of surrounding, I find it more erotic to see her in a "real" room, with furniture and doors, than just against a frame or neutral surface. Also, the off-center positioning adds tension. Great job, great model! And I second the question above: how do you keep getting such beautiful models? Seriously: do you pay them, often, never, always? Me it is sometimes, though I prefer models who do it for the fun and enjoyment. And I also like the challenge of not-so-attractive models, to make them look beautiful (not with PS manipulation, simply with angle, lighting, and a good eye for their personality) - it often restores self-confidence to them, and so brings double satisfaction! Regards Lennart

Michael Sulka


Michael Vandermark Jr
Love it!

John I have to respectfully disagree with the gentleman in the first comment suggesting the image be cropped. I love the fact that this is an excellent photograph even if you take the model out. I am curious about your technique and how you got the light balanced the way you have. The light range from Dark to light is excellent, and no one can ever deny the lady is beautiful! Awesome shot! 

John Peri

Thank you Michael. The answer is a dark room with a flash attached to the camera which I bounced off a wall behind me to the left  .. but i do agree that it would be ashame to take her awayfrom the context of the room .. undoubtedly, some retouching was done in PS too. 

John Peri
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