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Published: Saturday 15th of November 2008 04:47:49 PM


Dave Mishalof
Smoking - NO Smoking is NOT sexy to me! Why are your models holding a cigarette? It ruins your photos for me.

hans molenkamp
You know John, after been abcent for some time on PN I did think it was time to see how it evolved and so I started to rate some contributions. After twenty flowers and failed portraits I reckoned I change to the nudes category. If there would be one bad image I planned to advice them to go and look at your work and guess what: The first image in this is yours and besides... it is not bad so I can't advice you to see Jonh P.

Stamoulis Theodorikas
Beautiful light, pose, composition and of course model! Regards, Stamoulis.

Adam Jean-Jacques
Beautiful shot, athmosphere glamour, congratulations and best regards // Jean-Jacques

James Baeza
John, I disagree with your statement to Dave. The cigarette is part of the subject matter of the image and therefore could be a discussion point. I agree it has nothing to do with the technical merits of the image but certainly lends toward composition. That being said I personally as well do not enjoy seeing a beautiful woman with a cigarette tucked between her fingers. I would prefer something different to satisfy my personal tastes. A glass of wine perhaps. I'm sure there are those who have problems with drinking as well. It is their right of expression to critique art within the confines of personal taste. I generally tend not to comment on things I dislike though there is plenty of it out there. Apparently others have no issue with this judging by the number of comments and ratings on an image that is not of your usual standards of quality. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion. Best Regards, Jim

Juan Carlos Rivera
It is a very nice picture, with great ambiance and very relax model pose. Congrats.

Alon Eshel
So warm , elegant and inviting . Wonderful mood

Jim Phelps
John, This is excellent. I particularly like the way the rest of the room compliments the pose. I also like the (appparent) balance of natural light and flash. Jim Phelps

Maurizio Moro
Also if with color, it's very nice and elegant!...Ciaoamu!

John Peri
I think that one should be tolerant towards other people's likes and dislikes, and have the discretion to keep one's own views to oneself, especially in a forum such as this. The act of smoking has nothing to do with the quality of a photo, which is what we are asked to discuss here. I don't like war personally, but I know of some magnificent documentary war photography, including several winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Photography.

Marc Aubry

Francois Benveniste
Quintessential Peri's pricture ;) Taste, composition and good vibes... Color suits you well, my friend ;)

John Peri
Jim, I am delighted to receive your critique, and please do not ever hesitate to be as severe as you feel and to rate accordingly, it's what I post my work for. Only then will I get a balanced view of what impact any given work may have. A rudimentary knowledge of statistics will allow one also to get quite a fair impression of how it's really considered, particularly if one multiplies by a factor of two the ratings posted anonymously, which is what I have done occasionally before publishing any work. Sure one may judge a photo within the confines of one's taste or prejudices, but I do not share your willingness to allow criticism of someone's wish to smoke or not, or the right to include it in the composition, which has strictly nothing to do with the quality of this photo. I find this not only discourteous but sexist and infringing on the margins of freedom. "SMOKING NO" is out of line. Are we to start the critique of a photo of Churchill or Roosevelt with those words ? I wonder what Yusuf Karsh would say .. :-) Unlike in some areas of the globe thank goodness, we live in societies where women have the right to smoke without interference, and only rarely anyone having the bad manners to attempt it. But I do know of one country I read about recently in the Herald Tribune where a woman risks being stripped and publicly flogged. Where are we to draw the line ? I do not photograph or post my work in order to cater to anyone's special tastes either, even less to any person's specific desire to find pictures "sexy", which is rather extraordinary ! Certainly in my view, the author, this photo has nothing to do with that. I would be thankful if we could refocus the debate on the qualities of a photo, irrespective of whether we should have drilled a hole or not in the mountain, before photographing the tunnel in the Mont Blanc. It would be likewise for the wonderful photos I possess of hunting, which I deplore as a sport. Thanks for passing by. John

Janusz Taras
Very good work John.Regards.

James Baeza
Thanks for the reply John. I of course believe women have the right to do anything a man does. I do not generally care to view men smoking either. I do not find it visually pleasing although it does have its place within art. It is not my intention to judge personally those who smoke or do not. Folks have the right to do whatever they please so long as it does not impinge my or others personal freedoms. My point was just within the confines of the composition. I think you and I are interpreting Dave's comment a little differently. It was quite strong and could have been a little more courteous while conveying his opinion. Your images have always been successful in bringing conversations with regard to the human condition to the forefront. That of itself is a testament to the value of your work. It's always good to converse with you John. I hope all is well.

John Peri
Thank you Jim, I have no objection to debate not even within reason to controversy, as long as it remains academic, polite and personal feelings do not enter into the exchange. Who knows how a couple of lines written on the net are meant? In this case, I read bold letters, criticism and a narrow categorical viewpoint. Also subjects raised which do not seem related to photography. Most irritatingly, I also see sex outlined as an endpoint, and however someone else may see it, I have a right to object. Sometimes the reviewers forget that not only they have the right to express their views, but we the authors too. Thank you for your input Jim, it is very much appreciated and we do not always have to agree. Thank you also for your considerable contribution to the art displayed on this site, the collective experience of which is what influences us most strongly in our work.

John Peri
Well Tammy, I must admit that is what it's all about, moments lived, past and future ... many thanks, John.

Tammy V.
I adore her "attitude" here, John. I can SO identify with that! She is a treasure.

Alec Ee
Certainly a very confident young lady who carries herself well. Even though she is in her birthday suit and know you are photographing her she looks directly with a nonchalant attitude. I respect her for that. A beautiful and bold lady. Man, you definitely still have all your Mojo working for you John. Congrats as always.

Stephen Solomon
Well, sometimes the moment requires a damn cigarette. My grandfather smoked them after tearing off the filter. What the hell...! I have smoked them in the company of friends after having a bit too much to drink. None the less, the effect has it's place. In this case, why not??? If I had a model traipsing around my apartment in the nude, she could carry whatever she felt like carrying. Your photos of nude women with cigarettes, glasses of wine, beads and crucifixes seldom evoke feelings of disdain. I view the props as part of your photography and find it just that. If it keeps them ticking, it keeps you clicking!

John Peri
just a moment please ... ..

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