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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


John Peri
Thank you Stephen. My inspiration comes from these lovely persons that I photograph. They are all different and express themselves in new ways. I find that particulalry interesting when you ask them to do something that others already did.

Salvador Penaloza
Excellent done John, just great, congratulations //Salvador

Johnny Boje Jensen
well done.. Hey John Very erotic and a good job from you and a very very vell shaped model....I like it. Thanks for you comment under my pics, I appreciate it very must. you have a damn good portfolie and you style become me very well... bedst regards Johnny

Alon Stern
love it Another great shot from you

Stephen Buhagiar
i'm amazed with the long list of models you have. but i'm also amazed with all the ideas and perceptions you have to position those models and the good technique you use to photograph them. I feel you are one of the best photographers in nude photography on PN. Well done and keep it up.

Bob Kurt
I really like this photo. :)

John Peri
Thank you friends.

Allan Kirby
Powerful I do not think I have ever seen diagonals used so well before. Its great to see a new twist. Allan

John Peri
Thank you Hakim, I am touched by your words. It is very comforting also that so many preople such as you understand. I appreciate it and I think that the models that follow these pages, including this one, appreciate it even more.

John Peri
Thank you Michael, this is so well expressed that I really don't see what I can add of any significance. I do believe strongly that "erotic art" can be achieved with taste, whether it is in photography or elsewhere. The problem, and what has contributed to it's bad name, is that it often caters to a kind of fast food mentality in which the image is a means to an end and of no particular interest in itself. I used the words grace and elegance because they descirbe the model well, and also because I would not really attempt such a series of photos with someone that did not have these innate qualities. We did not discuss it beforehand or plan anything particular in this area. My trust in her natural demeanour, and hers in the respect of her dignity, just allowed the session to flow freely without any afterthoughts. I guess it has a lot to do with mutual understanding as well as possibly with any ability with the camera. I will not say that pornography can not also be art, as clearly demonstrated by some of the more graphic works done by Picasso, Dali and so many others. I just relate personally more closely to images that are aesthetic yet soothing to the eye. Now if they are to include photos that are erotic why not if it's done with consideration, inasmuch as it is remains one of the most repressed yet also paradoxically highly coveted feelings in the world. There is no shame in sexuality, only in our public consideration of it. As regards now the more conservative societies among us, some extremes cases of which reach the state of oppression even in our backyard, I plead my case above for a more tolerant view of art in it's more wide reaching perimeters. Thank you for your insight Michael. it is of tremendous help in articulating my ideas.

Michael S. Maddox
A Bold Pose It's a bold photograph, but also one that could elicit a degree of social commentary as well as photo critiques. Perhaps that statement is a little over-reaching, but for those of us in more conservative corners of the world, the word "graceful" is rarely associated with imagery that is overtly sexual. The typical assumption, of course, is that sexual imagery serves a purpose other than aesthetics, and that "graceful" and "beautiful" are the antitheses to "sexual." This photo strongly challenges that notion. Some of your earlier work has challenged this notion as well (such as the series including http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5381516), but I think this photograph is better. It is graceful (particularly in the line along the model's more elongated leg), the dynamic tonality and the lighting are masterful, and yes it is certainly erotic as well. Indeed, most "erotic" photography is far from being this aesthetic and this well-executed. John, I think you have a unique talent for bringing grace, beauty, and sexuality all together in one photograph. In my opinion, you've done so masterfully here.

Brendan Hohls
Must have been a good dream. Well done.

Simon Bolz
Wonderful shot Great photograph of a wonderful model!

Tanya Truong
A very intimate portrait... of a gracious model whose body language speaks volumes of her comfort and playfulness in her own lovely sensuality and sexuality. The degree of trust between the photographer and the model is to be admired.

John Peri
How nicely put regarding the model, thank you Tanya ...

Maurizio Melozzi
....... another "capolavoro" made by John Peri, great !!!! 7/7

John Peri
Untitled ; Artistic nudes file A somewhat stronger theme than usual, but hopefully considered done with elegance and grace. Please be respectful of the models in your comments, thank you.

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