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Published: Sunday 9th of November 2008 02:33:21 PM


John Peri
Thank you my friends, Stephen, Carlos and the others. I had actually noticed the lace and the potential problem posed also by the dark vertical line in parralel caused by the cushions, but apart from the fact that I am terribly lazy, I wonder if Carlos doesn't have a point, particularly for a simple, unpretentious picture such as this. Sometimes some distractions may not only appear as unimportant but may even add to the attention given to a photo. Though I ask you to draw no paralllels, I will mention that yesterday I visited the exhibition organized at the Petit Palais in Paris for Patrick Demarchelier. I lauged when I saw it because it is filled with what many people call imperfections. Feet and other body parts, and even animals cut in half all over the place, slanting walls, verticals and horizons in at least a dozen pictures ... where does critique begin or end and where does the emotion conveyed by a photo step in? This argument however does not distract from the fact that I post my work in order to receive crtiques and I thank you warmly Stephen for taking all that trouble. Your observation is a 100 % correct, even if one may argue after the fact as to it's significance. It's certainly very agreable to be able to debate these points here on PN, thank you once again. And oh .. the cat .... it's my new star ! The model, yes, a dear friend ... I published a 150 page art book of her, in large part devoted to time that we spent together in Greece ...

Alon Eshel
I agree with Carlos , The gray scale is perfect . Beautiful shots , I prefer the second one

Stephen Solomon
.......once you remove, or overlook, the "one misplaced piece of lace", it's a VERY NICELY toned image.

Roman Lucian
very nice!

Sweid Sideris
SOMETIMES... ...sometimes -just sometimes- the taste for an image don't need so philosophical explanations, not so deep analysis trying to find out the "third line behind stages", not so medullar approach. Sometimes one just need to feel like a simple cat. Let your primitive brain leads on the path.

Bob Kurt
So very cute, i love it. well done.

Sweid Sideris
Oh my...!! ...now I don't know which is better!!!

Maurizio Moro
Indecent proposals ...? If you love to play,...can be! Ha,ha,ha! For me, an ironic and wonderful nude!...Ciaomiaaauuuuu!

Stephen Solomon
Conflict Okay! This image and one other that is another recent post..., the model is familiar, very gorgeous (she is a delight), good pose, good *(maybe) lighting, even the cat was creative/ cooperative!, but lace ties of the bustier?, it has bisected this image and the torso of your model. There is a dark side and a bright side! The seam between the sofa cushions and the edge of the adjacent cushion extends that line via the lace of the bustier, corset, girdle and the continuance of that line through the cushion in the lower portion of the image makes this image abrupt to view. In other words, NO FLOW! It's as if there are two different exposures yielding two different images. In fact, there are actually two separate images within the one. They could be cropped. She is good, you are good, but the result is not good! My suggestion would be to remove the lace that is draped over her lower left ribcage, then break out the kibble! On second thought, who needs Kibble???? Actually, once you remove the one misplaced piece of lace, it is a very nicely toned image! My compliments!

John Peri
Again, many thanks Stephen for your articulate prose and explanation. I do agree of course with your perspective and the fact that "it draws your attention" is indication enough .. but just imagine if I had interrupted young Casanova during his arduous approach ... :-)

Sweid Sideris
Amazing gray scale! the contrast is simply perfect, as perfect as she is. Her stance is a classic of your style, never the less it still working very good.

Stephen Solomon
I'd like... to clarify my critique above. I consider the lace that I mentioned previously to be akin to a thick strand of hair on a portrait that is way out of place. Personally, it is a detail that I feel needs attention because it draws my attention. The line of the cushions is subtle, but the dark lace stands out because it continues, or extends that line, through the models torso. If the strand of lace were curled like the other one on her chest, I doubt I'd have picked on this photo the way I did. This set of photos shows a playful intimacy about the model. For what it's worth, in my training and experience as a photographer, I am mindful that before I make a photograph, I try to pinpoint the detail or the specific aspect of the subject which I intend to depict, or that has initially drawn my attention, in the first place. Then I work from that point. In my critique of this photo, I based my comments upon the same principle. In other words, the element of the image that stood out, or that caught my attention, when I first saw the picture is what influenced my comments. Perhaps I got a bit carried away. Thanks to all of you for this dialogue and for helping to temper my perspective. Steve

Thomas Collins
A touching moment between owner and pet. :-)

John Peri
Ohhh ... but I'm really not sure that I should ... !

Alberto Quintal
Hi, John Beauiful!!! Alberto

Matej Ratko
nice shot, but i prefer the second one:) i love that shy face ... great

John Peri
.. and the final version ... :-)

John Peri
Many thanks Michael, Stephen has a good point thought. Were I too expose this work for example, I would probably remove it .. many thanks for passing by ..

Michael S. Maddox
Miss G... She certainly brings an undeniable magic to the frame. And from the viewer's perspective I'd say the two of you have a superb working chemistry that is also magical. This is a very cute and adorable series of photos. Both the first and second one have their own individual charm. I can see the point about the lower band of lace being a little distracting, but it doesn't detract from the real magic of the photo... the interaction of this beautiful young woman and her kitten. By the way, the tonality along her arm to her ribcage is wonderful. -Michael

Costas Ellos
In both versions, being the cat would make me immencely happy. Great work.

John Peri
Thank you my friends, glad you liked it ... :-)

Romeo Calin
I agree with Carlos Chaves on this. The gray scale is almost if not perfect. I think that both photos are good. They all say something different.First has a lot of innocents in it...second, boy... second takes it in to a different dimension...

Romeo Calin
John, ...the second one (not cropped) has become one of my favorites. the eroticism of it is at the extremes there, because of the fact that what we see it`s so taboo...

John Peri
Indecent proposals ... "Tell me frankly, will it be yes or no" ... ?

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