by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 8th of November 2008 02:03:32 PM


Alon Eshel
I usually don't like clean studio photos but this one is very well done . love the gradient , It works

Rudolf Kartelin
Very well

Tore Nilsson
Great looking girl and great light and colours as well, the blue tone in the background creates a nice contrast to the skintone. well done. best regards Tore

John Peri
Thanks Carl .. I wonder if it's not your monitor, because I don't seem to have that impression, and I have a really blown up version to examine at home .. .. possibly just a question of regulating the contrast on your screen.

Allan Kirby
New and Different This is a new twist. I like the effect of the gradient. Refreshing !

Sinh Nhut Nguyen
Beautiful model, very nice lighting. I like the simple background.

Maurizio Moro
Great color, my friend!...Ciaomau!

Carl Wakefield
Very nice, I like the background but find it a touch bright at the top, and have a feeling a touch to much light on the model in the highlight areas. But she very good looking thanks for posting.

John Peri
Hy Alon, thanks, this is taken in my sitting room however .. no studio !

Raymond Elstad
Marvelous John! I do so wish that I could get skin tones like yours, I wish I could, I wish I could, I wish I could... r.

John Peri
Glamour file ... ..

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