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Published: Saturday 1st of November 2008 11:59:25 PM


John Peri
Debra, thank you. As you probably know, this is an ongoing series, alike the portraits with the wine glass at the dining table. Each one expresses something different. Some like you will see it, others not, but one alongside the other, they take on a new vitality.. Thanks for passing by and for your encouragement. Thank you also Pierre. John

Stephen Solomon
Camera angle is higher, different. The stairs seem more ordinary, confining, restrictive, not as majestic and expanding. Lower camera angle would help this shot. Her pose is good, but could be more relaxed with a bit of savoir faire "how shall I say!!!". Overall, the image is amateur-ish with the exception of the bounced flash technique that has been utilized now and many times before. Expression is not good. Looks like a shot NOT taken by J. Peri! Perhaps this was only the beginning, sometimes it takes a little longer to warm-up!!!!!!!!!!!

Pierre Dumas
Nicely composed nude! Only the wall isn't perfect! PDE

Debra Rohan
Well, she did a FINE job at it. Love that expression on her face. All your models and captures are beautiful! Deb

Jim Phelps
John, This is somewhat different from the others in your spiral staircase sequence. The expression on her face is not as glamourous/sexy as I usually see in your images, it is significant more dramatic. This is enhanced by the strong eye contact and the contrast from the stockings, the carpet, and the tattoo. The imperfection in the wall and the tatoo seem (to me) to complement one another by adding an additional "edge" to the overall dramatic look. An excellent image with a strong emotional impact! Kudos to you both. Jim Phelps

Alberto Quintal
John Excellent! I love it. Alberto

John Peri
Thank you friends. Some appear to relate to it others not, it is understandable. I certainly do sympathize with Stephen's comment and fully understand and agree with what he says. Jim caught it too when he speaks of the more dramatic look and noted on the dirty wall etc. The model is undoubtedly charismatic and it is I that did not catch it in this shot. However, it is a series, and I found it interesting to add this somewhat apprehensive "are you sure" look to the others. Undoubtedly she rightly thought I was banannas when I proposed to her the pose, fashion and more glamorous work being much more closely affiliated with her disposiition ! I'm still laughing at the moment .. see the title once again ... :-) Thank you again Stephen, despite her wonderful physique, the photo is not up to par as a stand alone and I may replace it later.

John Peri
.. that's exactly it .. thank you.

Maurizio Moro
Lovely color nude, my dear!...Ciaomau!

Photo Guy
At first I was thinking "not a good look for her" but then I thought about the situations between photographer and model where images like this sometimes happen between the "posed" ones...so it made me chuckle. Love the colors!

Mike Palermiti

Hi John,

This could be the stairway to Heaven !

Outstanding image that provokes thoughts that I almost had forgotten over the years.

Best Regards,  Mike

John Peri
"Oh" ... ! I told her that all the models tried it once .. her reply was ... "Oh" ... !

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