by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 31st of October 2008 10:42:18 PM


Alon Eshel
It's the face .................. Stunning

Raymond Elstad
Poetic John... such moments have occured and yes, they do imbed themselves upon the mind long afterwards... Thanks for sharing this intimate moment with us. Lovely indeed and the light on the pearls........ perfect... r.

Steve Ward
Very lovely John

Dirk Juergensen
noble & elegant

Maurizio Moro
Oh!...too much elegant portait, my dear!...Ciaoamu!

Jim Phelps
John, A great pose, and a very good (but not orthodox!) composition/framing. It highlights the emotional content. I like it very much. Jim Phelps

Bela Laszlo Molnar
Beautiful model, dreamy and a very seductive image. Bravo. Cheers; Bela

Philippe Carly
These are the moments eternity is made of. Truly exceptional model.

John Peri
.. thank you friends .. I'm glad you understand.

John Peri
Collective memories .. .. She turns to say something - the eyes are speaking already, the blouse opens slightly .. and the image lingers on in our mind long after ... has no one lived this moment before .. ? of course we all have ...

Alberto Quintal
John Lovely, I like the pose , great work. Alberto

John Peri
Drink after hours .. ..

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