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Published: Tuesday 28th of October 2008 02:16:24 PM


Ghulam Yasin

Massimo Santoni
Elegant portrait and sweet, relaxed model! Simply excellent!

Vladimir Gabrovski
Nice and warm look 6/6

Alon Eshel
What Makes Men Fall in Love? A photo like this . Wonderful , very touching

Lennart Goldmann
You make it look / sound very easy: just find a pretty woman and put on a little flash ... Well, I know it takes much more than that to make masterpieces like this: your superb sense of aesthetics and sensuality - plus a very photogenic model. Simply beautiful! Regards Lennart

Marc Aubry
Incredible model. Nice shot.

Alberto Quintal
Hi! Lovely, excellent skin tones and B&W, I love it. Alberto

Jim Phelps
John, Great facial expression! Everything works together to give the "moody" feel to this image. Kudos to you both. Jim Phelps

John Peri
Thank you. I find joy in many of my photos, I'm glad that occasionally some of you do too. What I really meant above is that it's not the "singer or the song" necessarily, though both of course are needed, it's more so the combination of the two. The difference between portrait photography and singing is that in the former of these two the reaction works both ways.

Maurizio Moro

James Baeza
Love the shine of her face and the texture of her hair. The tones here are spot on. Lovely image.

Richard Deng
This takes my breath away.

Roberto Rossi
all it's ok in this shot, expression, light..... simply beautiful!! R

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
Very handsome and unforced pose which you are so good at getting from your subjecs. No acrobatics needed to show her well shaped and gentle- and the suggestion that the limbs are as nicely soft and curved like the torso -just enough of a hint of abdomen. I think you are the master of a "frame within a frame photography," John with your doorways. The model's head is a great size relation to her torso. I read somewhere that that is an appealing thing. Her tousled hair is somehow just right for the squarish face. What a lovely image. And a lovely subject does not hurt of course. Reminds me of Veronica Lake in a book I have of Hollywood Portraits edited by John Kobal. Check it out sometime. This one would have been Veronica in " I Married a Witch."

John Peri
Ha ha, well I hope a little more than this, but she is very endearing and a lovely young lady. Thanks for passing by Alon. John

A.K. Sircar
Everyone is not a magician like you,John. You have the 'Midas touch'. Very good composition,exposure, skin tone, and of course, your talent to select and shoot beautiful ladies.

Raymond Elstad
So Lovely John! You do consistantly have the most attractive models on the planet...

John Peri
Thank you friends, glad you like it. Sure the young lady is beautiful. But maybe a little magic helps to move things along too ... :-)

Antoine Vella
Very nice b&w shot, good composition and light.

David Vorland
I can only echo what Gerry has said ... very good analysis of an outstanding image.

Sweid Sideris
A kind of unreal reality, a kind of mesmerizing language translated from the light on her breathtaking beauty. A storm of thoughts flowing, questions, enigmas. You are just a mute witness with a wise camera. This is photography. Real meaning. BTW, beside me is Manuel with his very personal opinion: "I do prefer her hair hiding completely her left eye, her hands on her shoulders and her breast just suggested by a soft curve" -"OK Manu, I get it, but do you like it as it is?" -"Of course"

John Peri
Hy Carlo ...young Manuel is developing his taste I see ... do you remember that little 10 year old girl that couldn't take her eyes off him at the café .. ha ha ... Thank you for your comment. This is a very elegant young lady that I hope to do a lot of work with. She is just herself, and her charisma flows out of the page as you can see ... the beauty comes from the inside.

Daniel Hristescu
Hello John Beautiful picture . The expression body and hands , her pose enhance this atmosphere made of you . Dan

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady Natural light with a little bounce flash added off the camera ...

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