Up Liberty St. IV (B&W)

by Kelly Landrum

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Category: Journalism

Published: Tuesday 28th of October 2008 11:02:28 AM


Els Wetting
Hi Lannie, I thought I had a deja-vu.... But after looking through your portfolio I remember, I did once comment on the coloured one.... I still like it in B&W -Els

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Els. I hope you are doing fine. --Lannie

Els Wetting
I am doing GREAT Lannie, thanks for asking....

Yalcin Adali
Nice silhouette and B/W photo.. Very good place, for photographer.my congrats.

Tiffany Brook
Yes...it definitely cries out for BW. Great composition and exposure. Thanks for sharing it.

Kim Slonaker
I like your perspective on this composition, Lannie. Very good exposure, too.

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, everybody. I rather like this little spot, and I think that I shall shoot from here again. This old building (which is still used asn an Amtrak station) really harks back to the grand "Old Days of Rail." It is a very pretty building, and I can imagine the hustle and bustle of decades past when passengers by the dozen might have come through this "breezeway" to catch a train or say goodbye to a loved one. --Lannie

W J Gibson
what a gret composition. there is a guy on flickr who has found a similar spot he revisits and reshoots a lot. here is the link to one of his http://www.flickr.com/photos/gunnarsgear/3013363198/in/photostream/

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Bill. That's a nice shot. The station here is not exactly an exotic place, but it does get interesting at times. Hope you're not freezing to death up there. It's been cold (18 degrees F) here, which is really bad for November in central North Carolina. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Up Liberty St. IV (B&W) Thanks for viewing.


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