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Published: Thursday 23rd of October 2008 08:55:38 PM


Alberto Quintal
HI, John I love the lighting,pose,B&W and of course beautiful model. Alberto

John Peri
Thank you friends. I am glad you enjoy this work ...

L T Foris
John it's hard to critique a thumbnail... laszlo

John Peri
Thank you Stephen .. I'll look around and see if I find the colour version ... .. actually, this is not the same model .. :-) .. but it pleases me when one is confused for the other because the whole point is that they are play acting and the identity is unimportant. As always, I do appreciate your comments and support. John

Maurizio Moro
Dear friend, every time I see a nude of your, I'm always more sure you are a great master on this kind of photos! Your pleasure in shotting is clear and your models follow your pleasure with their own pleasure in beeing in your artistic hands or better still,...eyes! Ciao, great man!...Ciaomaufromitaly!

Juan Carlos Rivera
Dear John, your photos are always excellent. Models, poses, ligthing, composition...and an oustanding and fine glamour. Congrats.

Jim Phelps
John, I really like the vantage point and lighting you used here. They really complement the model's facial expression. I particularly like the way she is making eye contact with the viewer. This might be even better in color. My compliments to you both! Jim Phelps

Stephen Solomon
The composition is alright. The pose is nicely arranged. This doesn't appear to be bounced flash. Is it window lighting??? What I find most beautiful about this picture is the lighting upon your models face, her expression and the drape of her hair around her head. I Love it! I think a crop of just that portion of the image would make a fabulous portrait of this lovely model. Any chance you could reveal the color version of this one? Wonderful work between you and your "muse" throughout her session. It is awesome.

julien jarousseau
All your sofa are very beautiful...!!! Thanks for this photo, no cigarets.

John Peri
Laslo, the majority of people appear to show understanding for the fact that pictures such as this are stolen and posted in consequence all over the net. Moreover, the photo seems quite large enough to substantiate the comments that it has already received. I ask you to bare with this difficulty that we all face on the net.

Tore Nilsson
You alvwys find so beautiful models John, I like this. The contrast and grayscale is really good and you have nice contrast but remained the soft light. Best regards Tore

Michael S. Maddox
Hi John. I really like the dark, moody tonality of the black-and-white version, and as someone else mentioned, the wonderful lighting on her face. While I very much like the black and white, I think the colors and tonality in the color version are superb - particularly the splendid mixture of subtle warm tones offset by the rich, deep burgundy of her garment. Thank you for posting both! -Michael

John Peri
Someone asked to see the colour version ...

James Baeza
Although I suspect this image of a beautiful woman was not intended to be suggestive or erotic, I find it to be just that. Her pose and the resulting highlights and shadows have made this so in my eyes. This woman has a wonderful sensuality which she allowed you to capture. A well done composition by both of you.

John Peri
Thanks Torre. Well, it's really all about photography of course, but undoubtedly when you specialize in glamour and art nudes, an attractive model helps. I think it's fair to compare this to the beautiful scenic views, sunsets and other suchlike that are most often chosen for landscape photography. The lighting here is mostly window light, but I did have the flash on the camera also to fill in the dark areas .. warm greetings and thanks for passing by.

Stephen Solomon
I just discovered you had posted the color version that I requested earlier. Let me just say that the black and white image is great and I find it intriguing in its own rite. Very worthy as a Black and White. But, ... the color version is just as I had imagined you'd captured it. Mainly, full of warm, dramatic color and mood. Both images are wonderful compliments to your model as the subject and yourself as an amateur photographer who is capable of bringing the best out in that subject and depicting her so. I may just have identified one of my favorites by you Monsieur Peri. Thanks for presenting this fabulous photograph of this beautiful young lady!!!

John Peri
"After dark" .. series cont ..

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