JP F498

by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

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Published: Saturday 8th of June 2002 09:31:53 PM


Stephen Haynes
Aesthetics 8, Originality 8 Nice pose, John. Just different enough to take it out of the mainstream. Natural light?

Jerry Matchett
The beret is a nice touch, John, as is the triangular framing of the breasts. You seem to exhibit enough continuity of style that I am able to pick out your photos in the Gallery.

John Peri
No, bounced flash - but in daytime! John

Leica Virgin
Love the: composition, her expression, image quality. She has an interesting face which gives the photo some "depth".

Jeffrey Hitchens
Honestly, nude photography is beyond me but I really like this photo. I don't like the fact that it's so much lighter in the lower left corner, but I like every thing else.

J Hopkins
nice photo, did anyone notice the shape on the chair?, sort of a superman logo lol, super chest? lol

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