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Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Published: Wednesday 22nd of October 2008 06:12:06 PM


Les Berkley
"Her body was a piece of Heaven, but the look on her face was straight out of Hell. Her crystal glass held nothing but neat whiskey; her eyes held nothing but disdain. I stepped into the room..." Scene is just the slightest bit too 'clean' IMO. A shot glass and an overturned bottle would make the look truly noir-ish. Terrific pose and hair, though.

Maurizio Moro
The pose is good,...her expression isn't...so good!...the photographer is...GOOD! Ha,ha,ha!!!...Ciaomau!

John Peri
Mark, personally I would be fired ! Maurizio, thank you. The expression: she's blowing out cigarette smoke .. hm, I think it's kind of disappeared in the black and white version. Jim, hy! I have actually posted lots of photos in this series in my two black and white "artistic nudes" files, but they were not specifically titled in this manner (it is actually one of my favourite themes) ... thanks to all for passing by.

Jim Phelps
John, Definitely reminds me of film noir. Are there any more in this series? If so, where? Jim Phelps

John Peri
"Film Noir" series cont ., ..

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