Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Daniella Puente
Wonderful portrait :o))))

Kelly Smith
I absolutely LOVE this photo!!! The exposure is Perfect and I for one am a huge fan of the saturated colors! Great job!

Mikayla LaShae Richardson
Wonderful This photo is absolutly gorgeous! All the colors together just go hand in hand. I love how the BIG green bow makes her clothes stand out even more! Her eyes are simply amazing! Love everything about this photo!

Debra Rohan
Thanksgiving for all we are blessed with That is one of the most beautiful pictures I have seen. So autumn! I just love the hay stuck in her hair and all over her body like she just rolled in the grass like a child without any worries would do. And the big beautiful blue eyes and Indian-like clothing. Gorgeous! Debra

Christine R
Excellent composition. Beautiful portrait, very nice expression.

suzan gedik
very beautiful...

Clarence Clarence
This is a photo that she'll keep for generations. Great eyes, great detail in the corduroy dress. Great fall colors. Does the original happen to have a little more head space?

Elisabeth Jordan
This is priceless! And the straw all over her just adds to the beautiful portrait. Plus she's in fall colors too! A home run with this!

Tanja Birkeland
(",) Love the way the colors work together, the sharp and beautiful eyes and her face expression! Nice use of depth of field! Good job!

Derek Moore
7/6 This made me smile, look at that beautiful wistful little face, perfect!

Bob Kurt
:) Photo of the week!

Rarindra Prakarsa
I thought she is a toy...very cute. and all the colours is in harmony

Sergio de los Reyes
bravo! This is a very beautiful and candid image. Congratulation.

Linda Davidson
A beautiful child, beautifully photographed. This is wonderful.

behnaz hamedani
attractive very cute . i like it so much

Renato Costa
I loved. amazing colours, gorgeous girl, wonderful capture, congrats.

You all are so nice.......thank you everyone for the kind comments! Rachel :)

Khalifa Aldhahri
gr8 shot really great shot cute baby god bless her

Signe Robertson
Amazing! You take beautiful child portraits.

Kathy B.
Simnply adorable. She'll treasure this when she's older.

Sonia Mason
The colour of her eyes is fabulous. Wonderful expression, light, crop. I love it

Erin Owens
So beautiful. She is beautiful and you capture her on film perfectly.

Sherry Kersell
Good or bad photo... how can you resist that adorable fact and those BIG BLUES? However, this photo is priceless. The colors, the expression, the lighting with no harsh shadows... the whisps of hair in the face... the DOF, it's certainly a treasure. Keep up the good work and don't ever stop taking pictures of this one.

Noelle Natale
Lens? amazing colors and beautiful girl. you captured this special moment. please share the type of lens used for this picture if possible. great!

Frank King
HI MRS.REACHEL I do not know you but i believe that u are both a good photographer and a perfect mother... My family is found of ur photos and ur pretty doughter... We would love to know her name i mean her and her brother`s name they are so cute... U must proud of having such sweetie couple of children... I and my small family would love to know u and ur family closer... `couse you make a perfect family portrait and making this portrait so nicely by ur photos is the professionality of u.... All the best regards and with all the deep kisses to your little, cute and sweet doughter:) The Franks

Valerie Rinker
This is really a great photo. She is adorable! It says in the details that you're using a Canon Rebel,what lens did you use here? I use a Canon also and am looking for a great portrait lens.

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