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Published: Tuesday 21st of October 2008 08:07:21 PM


Thomas Collins
Simply lovely John. Relaxed, entrancing, sensual and comfortable. Truely a super photo of a beautiful and aristocratic young woman in the prime of life. You have all the elements arranged just so. Wow. :-) Thomas

Stephen Solomon
Both renditions of the image are fantastic. The exposure, contrast and tonality permit the conversion of the color image into a very good B&W image. However, I prefer the color image over the B&W because of the color. The skin tones are complimented nicely by the fabric of the sofa and the wood floor. The models make-up is beautiful. The warmth of the image is truly captivated in the colors. Wow!

Steffen Drache
I have perused not all remarks to me from lack of time and would like to say that I find this photo very erotic. I like the b/w-version, however, better. Very well!

John Peri
Glad you liked this one Raymond. Thank you also Maurizio, as you know, I understand the pressures that you speak about .. :-)

Maurizio Moro
Dear John, also I should want more time for writing all my thoughts on your wonderful photos, unfortunately my work and my life are always very busy:...for exemple,...I'm just returned from my hospital after 12 hours of works!...and my...poor English isn't so flowing and fast, so, my friend you mast content yourself for my...shabby comments!...and so,.." also I prefer B/W nudes"!...Ciaomau!

Lawrence Paiken
Well done, John. Another great relaxed shot. Regards, Lawrence.

John Peri
Some of my friends on PN will have noticed that I am posting more and more work in black and white. Am I losing my propensity for colour or do I just sense that black and white is so much more elegant for glamour ..

Tim Whalen
I'm kind of new on the board. Your work with one- on camera flash and the fantastic results that you get is just breath-taking. I just started to try it and I hope I can get to your level. Thanks. Tim P.S. where can I buy dark stockings for the models ?

Vladimir Gabrovski
Excellent work John 7/6 But you know, smoking is not good for your health and the health of your models ;)

John Peri
Carlo, thank you, as much for the description of the thoughts that the young lady evokes as for the photo itself. I notice that you don't speak of her but of her demeanour and it's meaning. I have always felt that is the way it should be in a photo discussion group. It is very elegantly put, thank you once again. I guess I largely choose models that can evoke the kind of thoughts that you refer to. Their intelligence is largely what allows them to enter this fantasy world for a short period of time. Their style and the degree of dignity they display when unclothed is then for you to judge.

Sweid Sideris
Sublime image John, texture of the skin due to the lightning (and her incredible nature) and framing are outstanding, her gaze lost in somewhere and her subtle smile conveys in an unforgettable mysterious facial expression beyond this body fallen from the heaven. Simply delicious. As an additional consideration in this case I do prefer the BW version, perhaps you're right, it seems more charming, with a more romantic atmosphere and her shining beauty still being there as a bless. About the cigarette mentioned by other pal... ┬┐bad for health? Let me laugh a bit, weapons and wars are so much more lethals, never the less our cinema's and TV screens are full of violent scenes, deadly tech, incredible bombers and tanks crushing a whole country, marines using amazing guns... but no one of them smoking, of course. ;-D) "At all art is art"

John Peri
Hmm .. the cigarette .. but is it not a part of the ambience created .. ?

Conte Oliver
Great shot. Beautiful light. Congrats!

julien jarousseau
always good every shoot is perfect and you have your own style, the only bad thing for me is the cigarets in "all" your interior shoot on sofa julien

Alon Eshel
WOW !!!

Raymond Elstad
Lovely Indeed John, I quite like the distant and wistful gaze and the addition of the glass and ash tray...

Jim Phelps
John, She is beautiful and sensual. I agree with Ray Ellstad on the facial expression, it contributes a lot to the mood of the image. Although the B&W version of the image has a "film noir" character that I really like, I prefer the color version. Jim Phelps

Tana Perry
I like both the color and the B&W version for different reasons. The colored version brings out more textures and flavors plus the lighting and clarity is perfect. The B&W is more mysterious and subtle. Her expression isn't as readable, one can only try to imagine what is going on in her mind. In the color version she looks like she is day dreaming and relaxing. Either way both tell a story and both versions are stunning and beautiful. BTW- i love your couch. I see it get alot of use :) Also thanks so much for your comments. I was so excited to recieve them. A new fan of your work, Tana

Marc G.
Very nice one - pose, expression, surroundings, diagonal composition. Very good.

John Peri
Posted in the glamour file ..

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