JP F494

by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Published: Friday 7th of June 2002 11:34:32 PM


mario ceresoli
Dolce Bellissima composizione! Grazie!

Eric Robert Dion
really beautiful

Detlef Klahm
this is such an inviting! so soft and femenine!

Jeff Clark
French last name = hot chicks... French last name = hot chics... It's a great image that invites conversation (or open jaws). It says a lot and is very intreguing. However, the oval window is a bit drab and contrived.

artistic nudes

Alberto Conde
Quelle beauté!

George Burnstein
your best or at least my favorite so far

John Peri
Allan, many thanks for the attention that you have given recently to my portfolio. I appreciate your comments and your interest. In this particular case, the oval was placed there essentially to remove distraction in the background.

A. Smythe
Drawn This photo hooked me. I appreciate the comment about it being "inviting". I think that says it all. It is powerful in its simplicity and remarkable in its "drawing power" in catcing our eye !! I even appreciate the oval, as it compliments the skin tones !

A. Smythe
The Oval John, more than once, I've found it necessary to crop, by one means or another, a photo and have been thrilled with the number of times a "throw away" photo suddenly comes to life once distractions are removed, by one method or another. WELL DONE. I've heard it said that true actors make it look like they're not acting ... so I'll add that true artists such as yourself have the enviable ability to make such photos as this look completely natural and unaltered !! Kudo's !!

Alberto Quintal


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