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by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Friday 7th of June 2002 01:45:03 PM


Tony Samples
Aesthetics 10, Originality 10 Great curve emphasis, John. I like the glowing spots, too.

Gary Ell
Aesthetics 8, Originality 8 great tonal qualities

John Peri
To Mark Duke: ..... but that's precisely what I meant to do. By reducing the number of more recognizable features, we remain with an outline or form which though the very obviously female form is also reminiscent of the shapes and textures that we can find in any animal form. There was certainly no profound though behind this series (you can see several others here:, but it is interesting to transform the human body into just a series of shapes, outlines and textures. It's no longer "glamour" or "nudes" in the traditional sense, it's just a series of "life forms" to which one can relate to in different ways. A final word. If I cut off the leg, it was to enhance it's abstract nature. I don't have to justify myself, its quite obvious how much I love and admire women by looking at my portfolio - but personally, this picture reminds me of a horse ... a beautiful horse. Incidentally, there were no adding in of parts, as suggested somewhere above (wow! I would have to be a true magician there), the photo was simply taken on the balcony - for once, using a direct flash.

Mike Sea
Aesthetics 5, Originality 8 Great concept. A new idea. Nearly sensational. Would like to see you experiment with the cropping on this one assuming you have the full body shot to play with. I don't have any particular suggestions however feel you are really on to something but don't quite have the framing right. Listen to others somments before taking what I have said as gospel -I may be the one on the wrong track. Mike Sea Mike Sea

Mark Duke
Cropping. "It's figurative yet abstract, human and yet more symbolic to me of the grace and elegance of life around us than necessarily that of the woman that we identify with" I can't agree with this, the cropping of the leg makes the picture seem artificial, as if it was a photo of a manequin, and as such, loses that "human" touch for me.

Jean-Paul Chevalier
to my eye John Interesting idea...and definetly I see this photo from a diferent perspective after I read all the comments above. A good photo to talk about .

Stephen Haynes
I like the abstract feel, which draws our attention to the tonings and form rather than the specifics of a woman's body. BUt I agree that cropping the legs detracts.

Nice I like this. Simple and I like the lighting... but what happened to the bottom of her right leg? Looks like this was edited. The line along her left leg (in the front) looks added in, and after looking at the right leg, seems that was cropped graphically as well.

John Peri
Well I did this on purpose actually. I explained why further up somewhere ....

John Peri
The "right leg" was indeed cropped off to obtain the effect above.

Christopher Hawkins
Wonderful except for the cropping of the right leg. Very nice lighting.

Crystal Clear
Flash lighting I like the texture of the skin... Did you apply spray or oil to enhance gloss on the skin or are these as is, un retouched? Thank you. CrystalClear

John Peri
No, there was no oil.

Jerry Matchett
What I love about this is the plasticy quality to the skin; it is almost an abstraction of reality.

Frunze Verdi

John Peri
Thank you Brendan. I'll check it out.

Brendan Bullock
Have you seen the soft-focus nudes of Robert Stivers? He has several book of soft-focus work out. If this is your favorite, check out his stuff for inspiration - i haven't seen anyone do it better, though yours is quite good. Also, its difficult to judge this sort of image on screen, as even minute pixelation detracts from the softness. Continue with this work - I think it would be worthwhile.

Hilary Allen
yes, it is great. Love the glow. Reminds me of the Dave Matthew's Band "Stand Up" cover, but realistic.

John Peri
The nude in all simplicity Well, I am going to say this - just to see what happens! This is my favourite among all the nude pictures that I have taken. To me, it represents the nude figure in all it's beauty and simplicity. It's figurative yet abstract, human and yet more symbolic to me of the grace and elegance of life around us than necessarily that of the woman that we identify with. Obviously, many will not agree ....

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