JP F488

by Peri John

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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Friday 7th of June 2002 12:46:58 PM


Jerry Matchett
John, I like the armless, Venus de Milo effect. That makes me think I would like to try to imitate such a statue in photo form. Did you see my take-off on Rodin's "The Thinker"?

Andrew Almendaez
Aesthetics 4, Originality 4 im not a big fan of photoshoped stuff...

John Peri
Andrew, I'm not a fan of asparagus, so I don't eat it. However, if I comment on it, I will try to do so according to what kind of an asparagus it is and not according to my culinary tastes. John

Detlef Klahm
artistic work is what I have become to expect from you...and here it is...sensous, well posed fabulous presentation!


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