Nature Fall textures-( in larger View)

by Soini Hannu

nature fall textures in larger view finland seeking soini hannu

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Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 299.999389
Y Resolution : 299.999389

Published: Friday 17th of October 2008 06:30:51 PM


Jamie Kraft
The Myopic Grass Guys great image. (i also take pictures of grass with blurry backgrounds) man, is your large ever large!!! it really lets you examine the blur circles on the lights. they look too sharpened to me. you might try turning off sharpening when you want to do this kind of thing. (unless you like the sharpened blurry look of the background here.) here's a picture with blur circles i like - not of grass, though...

Hannu Soini
Well, thank you for commenting! large is good and larger even better...this is a cropping of a larger photo- so there might be some extra sharpening because of that. On large print the whole thing works better- still there has to be some opposite elements even on the detail level to make the photo interesting. It is pity that the limitations of the site and obvious reasons do not allow us to send files as they are. Thank You again for constructive critics.

Hannu Soini
Nature's textures in Sunset Enjoy Sun examination on plant textures. C&C are wellcome.

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