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untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 10th of October 2008 05:25:32 PM


Andreas Marx
I DONT agree Hi John, you are an excellent photographer, some of your work clearly belongs to the best nudes on this site. Not this one, I am afraid. It shows - for sure - a very nice girl, but that's it about. I don't like the mood, it looks a bit like "we don't have a studio, so lets get the furniture out of the way or use it" - that'S not to say that this is not made in a studio, I am just talking about my impression. The couch is not at all pleasing and not alligned (which is not that important), the space above her fingers very (too) narrow, the crop in the middle of one feet not at all that good. I like her smile and the eyes though - you have a very good contact to her. I am not rating it - just thought it might be good to hear another oppinoin - and after all its all about oppinions, nobody knows what is correct, because there is no such thing like correct in art. Take care, Andreas

Alberto Quintal
Hi, John. Just excellent!!! Alberto

Alon Eshel
Love the brownish tones composed together , Beautiful

Janusz Taras
Beautiful,aromatic composition.

Barbu Cristian
7/7 One look absolutely beautiful, A girl with beautiful eyes! Best regards! Cristian Barbu

Maurizio Moro
I thik Andreas is...a bit too much critic:...the image is simply good!...Ciaomau!

Salvador Penaloza
Just lovely, felicidades // Salvador

John Peri
Well, that's an interesting analysis Andreas, thank you very much. I post my work not in order to receive praise but different person's opinions, thank you for giving me yours. Moreover, it's always pleasing when these differ. Admittedly, I do not believe very much in alignement and straight walls etc,.(it would take just a few seconds to straighten the couch) since on the contrary, I often try as above to convey a feeling of spontaneity and stolen moments. The setting is my home which can add to this impression, I do not do studio work. I cannot project into someone else's thoughts, but this photo pleases me particularly because of the natural, carefree charm that is apparent. The open arms and slightly separated legs are a sign of confidence and abandon. The smile is authentic and the bracelet held in her hand is also symbolic to me of some offering or indication of undress in progress and thus availability. Of course, as you rightly say, others may see it differently, and that's the way it should be. I was pleased to read this critique. Thanks again for giving me your opinion and do not hesitate ever to give me a 4 or less if you think that is what it deserves. Opinions will nearly always differ. I guess if one is interested enough and a sufficient number of ratings are available, one can always plot the valiues on a regression curve and get a pretty good opinion statistically of what is generally liked or not (useful for choosing photos for publication). It is surprising sometimes how different I have found the result to be from my own views, in both directions.

Rudolf Kartelin
A picture of good compositions and light. Lines sofa underscore the movement of hands and feet. Properly selected point of photographing

Anca Cernoschi
the contact that she makes with the viewer makes the picture

Michael Sulka

Wonderful shot! Very good work!

John Peri
Nudity and charm .. ..

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