The stairs

by Sennah Nahoj

the stairs urbex abandoned canon eos d seeking critiqu sennah nahoj

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Category: Journalism

Published: Wednesday 8th of October 2008 07:42:47 PM


Naseer Fedaee
Congrats :)) Wonderful and excellent photographed!! +7/7

Antonio Díaz
Buena, muy buena.

Ryan Young
Really wonderful image. Composition, exposure, texture...all excellent.

Dave DeJoode
Beautifully captured and presented.

Ken Bruce
Nahoj: Great shot, beautiful tone and composition. Angle and lines are outstanding. Keeping shooting, Ken

Enny M
excellent compo, light and mood.

Rotthoff Weil
Wow! Great shot, fine composition, and very good developed! I like it very much!

Linh Dinh
Great light! Best regards.

Simon Butterworth
Fabulous stairs and you have composed this beautifully. Simon

deborah barrie
permission to post I have written a poem based on your photograph and would like your permission to post it. deborah

deborah barrie
Connected Connected by deborah elaine barrie 2009© You can never Go home again He hadn’t Wanted to Home Was some place He wanted To forget He pushed back All the emotions Rising up Inside of him He wasn’t Connected Or so he Thought Until now Standing here Looking At the spot Where he Had spent So many hours Sitting And dreading What awaited him Outside That door He knew now That he was Connected He had to admit He did some Dreaming On those stairs Too Dreams That changed His life And made him Who he was Today You can never Go home again No He was here And home Was long gone Unlike the pain That welled up Inside of him.

Rafik Kamel
This is a lovely shot with great tones and contrast between the lit part and the rest of it. well done, regards, RK!

Susanna Saunders
Great Tones! A very well done image! I love the light added around the base of the banisters in the lower right hand corner for example. It strengthens the shadows from the virtical railings and leads the eye around to the stairs.The light on the stairs is lovely too with its careful gradient across from left to right! I love the angles in the shot too - Beautifully done! The light through the window at the top of the stairs is a little too bright for me though (personal taste on that one) but it anchors the image well. The only thing I'd think about tweaking is the light at the top edge of the image as this might be better darkened down a touch more. Overall a pretty faultless image IMHO! Absolutely Beautiful! :o))

Gail Harmer

Beautiful image and fantastic treatment. 'Light' plays such a pivotal role in this composition. My mind is 'full of story' possibilities that this image evokes. Impressive work!

Sincere regards, Gail

Nahoj Sennah
Stairs, what do you think? What do you think?

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