by Peri John

untitled fashion artistic glamour nude backstage portrait j peri john

Gallery: The loneliness of a big city ... ( New York and other places ..)

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Published: Monday 6th of October 2008 04:17:05 PM


Edwin M. Rosenbloom
Och wers de ashtrae ??

Alberto Quintal
Hi, John. Beautiful, I always love this contrast of tones, lovely model. Alberto

John Peri
In her left hand my friend ... but where are her thoughts would be a more interesting question .. :-)

Maurizio Moro
Sensual and elegant!...for you all is possible!...Ciaomau!

Rudolf Kartelin
Well !!!!!

John Peri
8.00 PM, home from work .. .. she took off her clothes, opened the taps and had a cigarette on the couch before going to have her bath .. the worries and the stress of the day slowly flowed away as she listened to Bethoven's Sixth Symphony ... and what will tomorrow bring she thought ----------------------------------------------- POSTED IN: "The Loneliness of a big city" ...

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