by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 4th of October 2008 11:20:19 AM


Alon Eshel
Beautiful shot John , I like the composition with all the surrounding location

John Peri
Thank you for this interesting analysis. Maybe the door to the right should have been darker? I'm glad you noticed her admirer on the wall .. :-)

Maurizio Moro
This is really great! A well set B/W nude, like this one, for me, is always a wonderful job!...Ciaomau!

Bob Kurt
..very sexy!!!!

Rudolf Kartelin
It is pleasent to me. Model good

John Peri
Thank you Michael. I do indeed see the complementarity. I guess it's rather like an essay with different chapters written in the same verse. Thank you again. John

Stephen Solomon
Beauty.... Your model's pose is just perfect. She is confident and has won the admiration of even the fellow in the painting to the right! I don't like the door on the right side of the image but there is room to crop without upsetting the balance between the mirror to the left and the artwork on the right. Your model serves as the fulcrum! Just enough exposure in the background to let us see what is there, but it is dark enough to set off the models shapely figure. You've depicted her beauty very well.

Alberto Quintal
John. Beautiful!!! Alberto

Michael S. Maddox
John, I think this is a wonderful photograph, and is a great example of your signature style. To me, this image makes a great companion piece to another of your recent postings of the same model: http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=7947236. This image is generally lighter, the other one is generally darker, and of her other side. They're similarly composed, the tonality in both is very good, and the settings are similar, and I think they complement one another very well. Attached is a small diptych that I put together to illustrate what I mean. -Michael

John Peri
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