JP F481

by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Published: Sunday 2nd of June 2002 06:41:12 PM


nick kessler
yeah this is pretty nice, and that color is somehow amazing.

richard mittleman
Beautiful female body very nicely presented

Tom Meyer
80-200 zoom? Must be a big bathroom, as well as a nice one. Kodak Gold 100? I'll bet it's nice in color, too. but that brings me to my question... did you make this light, or is it always this nice in this bathroom?... t

p.s. I'm glad you didn't remove all the bottles of stuff on the shelf.

Suzanne Berry
I have never commented on a nude shot before John, but this one stood out to me in the gallery. It's very natural and beautiful! I'm not qualified to critique it, but as far as my eyes are concerned, it is a 10/10! By the way ... I love your shot of the boys on the lampost!!

Jerry Matchett
John, this is exquisite tonality! The dark skin values against a high key setting is incredible. You have me puzzled by the 80-200 zoom lens too. I would have to use wide angle in my bathroom. The one thing that bothers me (personality flaw in me perhaps) is the vertical line that is not vertical.

John Peri
Yes! Almost never off the ceiling though. Bounced off the left wall/window actually. There is a slight shadow to her right.

Tom Meyer
"... so that one flash is always loading..." shall I infer from this that you bounced an on-camera flash into the (white?) ceiling? That would certainly account for the practically shadowless light... t

John Peri
Hello Jerry. Yes, it was that lens ( photo taken through the doorway). I always work with the two cameras, so that one flash is always loading. The shots taken with the 27-70mm have half the bathroom included in the picture - see for example the composite photo here I agree about the verticality of the wall on the left, but the picture is roughly in line with the panneling on the wall behind and the one she is sitting on. As for the Kodak colour film Tom, I removed the colour with photoshop and gave it the tone in the picture - giving the picture a more subtle overall appearance.

Ilker Gurer
nice second time i guess i ll comment on a nude photos:) but this one twist my head by its color dedications and contrast woww.. great light work..regards, ilker

John Peri
Thank you Ilker. She actually was putting lotion on her legs which gives it possibly a more natural look than if it was simulated.

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