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Published: Thursday 2nd of October 2008 11:42:05 AM


Piet Flour
wath a subtile & intime portrait! I agree to leave the background door because it puts her in a real scene, without the scene being too obvious. Also love the balance between enbhancement a glamour and the real portrait. Great feeling, perfect technique

John Peri
One of several more ...

John Peri
Thanks Stamouli .. actually, no flash this time ....

Michael S. Maddox
I certainly agree that the items on the right should be left intact, because they do indeed give a sense of setting for the portrait. All I meant was that the quality of the shot is so good that it could easily be used as an advertising image... that's all. As a portrait, I think it's very unique and perfect as-is. (Also, I think the topmost image is the better of the two, b/c it's more three-dimensional).

Stamoulis Theodorikas
Very good natural capture. I like the balance of flash-ambient light and (of course) the model. Regards, Stamoulis.

Edwin M. Rosenbloom
Och very, very nice, an al even give it 7 an 7 an am even gonnae favourite it tae, so ther :-) :-)

Stamoulis Theodorikas
Oups! I was fooled by the reflections (especially on nails) and the chromatic difference of light sources! Great light anyway. What ISO you used?

Michael S. Maddox
Very nice portrait, John! It's informal, yet glamourous, and even though one tends to associate glamour photography with fantasy, there's such a sense of honesty in her applying her makeup. I think this portrait has a very nice blend of all. Stylistically, it seems like a departure from much of your other work, and I really like the way this is shot. The shallow dof and the rimlighting are wonderful, and I love the sharpness. If you were to clone out the shapes on the right, this would as easily be a cosmetics advertising shot as it is a portrait. Nicely done! -Michael

Maurizio Moro
Wonderful portrait!...I prefer the first one!...Ciaomau!

John Peri
200 iso .. next to bathroom window ...

John Peri
Many thanks to both. Michael, I looked at it for quite a while before posting and decided finally to leave those shadows in to add ambience. As a cosmetic shot, I agree it would be better without it, but as the record of a scene in which she put her makeup on, I tend to favour this version. Many thanks for passing by and for such a detailed comment.

Sonia Mason
Simple yet beautiful!

John Peri
B. getting ready .. ..

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