Flight lines

by Soini Hannu

flight lines finland seeking critique soini hannu

Gallery: Abstracts and digital

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Category: Fine Art

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Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 300.000000
Y Resolution : 300.000000

Published: Tuesday 30th of September 2008 09:09:44 PM


Hannu Soini
Flight abstraction Well, more of what the title says....leaves you quessing as all abstract.. Panning is something where you focus and follow the object closely to the same direction of the movement (zoom if- that is what you want to see) like you describe. All depends what you are after as being desired to be the end result. We all have our visions. Thank you for the comment.

Stephanie Cain
good attempt at panning. Perhaps it would more effective if you could zoom in closer to the bird. I can't tell how in focus he is from this image, but it looks like you've nearly caught him.

Barbu Cristian
Very interesting picture! Regards and good luck!

Hannu Soini
Thank You! I am glad you like the photo- thank you for commenting. All the best Hannu

Hannu Soini
Flight abstraction Fast flight. C&C are wellcomed.

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