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Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Published: Monday 29th of September 2008 04:17:54 PM


John Peri
Thank you friends, glad you liked it.

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Simply gorgeous work, John. Immensely eye catching due to the pose, the 'connection' through the eyes, and the tones of the hair and work in general.

Meir Samel
The photo is so simple.

Jan Strumpf
Good Day John, I have been a fan of your work for some time. I don't comment to offten only because I think to myself "Who the hell am I to make comments on other peoples work". However I think this phot is GREAT, almost - Vargas like? Please keep up the great work.

Meir Samel
simple I did not mean simple like that, flash etc. I meant that what appeals to me is the smplicity of the photo...kind of like a cover girl photo.

John Peri
Why complicate things .. it's what I also meant with referral to the flash

Umair Ghani
simply GREAT!!! regards!

John Peri
Hello Douglas, no, just a flash bounced off the wall.

Douglas Brill
John, Again astonished at what you can do with just a flash. Di you use any diffuser here at all? Beautiful model and I too like the simplicity of the image.

Philippe Carly
I'm not too fan of the PhotoShop background

Alberto Quintal
John Exquisite, 10/10. Alberto

John Peri
Thanks Meir, I never doubted your intentions. I simply awaited the opportunity to say that I sometimes feel a very simple approach can give reasonably satisfactory results. Ok, I cheated a bit with the background, because there was the furniture there that I had to remove, but it's really just a point and shoot photo. Of course the charismatic model makes the image. I guess our role however is to capture it.

Steve J Murray
The essence!

John Peri
No, the tones a rather warm actually ..

Jim Phelps
John, A perfect glamour nude, VERY sensual.I particularly like the visual tension created by the eyes and the stockings, my compliments to you both. Jim

Carl Wakefield
Great photo and inspirering what you achieve with your bounce flash. Beautifull model.

John Peri
Study .. .. taken in the sitting room with flash ..

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