Body # 74

by Amelkovich Igor

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Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Monday 29th of September 2008 09:21:25 AM


David Willits
Great image. I'll have to disagree, I don't think this image is tacky at all, it's blunt, almost surprising, but not tacky. The simple, repeating curves against the negative space, with the sexual and sensual aspects woven in make this a very non-in-your-face, peaceful representation of a woman's most intimate area. By no means would I consider this to be 'gynecological.' If that were the case, I'd say the text book in question was quite remiss on some important details ;-)

Dima Oukhov
:) The frank drawing!

Evan Auster
Body #74 I don't agree with Mark either. I love this image. The image tonality and detail is great. The subject is beautiful and is reminiscent of fruit. Perfect anatomy and quit the turn on!

Philip Dygeus
I also don't find it tacky. I find uncreative (and in focus) plus there's too much dead space.

Igor Amelkovich
Body # 74 Looks out... )

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