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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Jim Phelps
John, The colors and the pose are fantastic! Her pose complements the geometry of the stairs and the bannister, The red causes her to almost leap out at the viewer. Excellent. My compliments to you both! Jim Phelps

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Great use of location here - the red and white really work well in correspondence with the model's tones to give a very glamorous finish, peaked by the shoes and the pearls. Nicely done!

Costas Ellos
I love architecture ! Great perspective and composition !

Michael S. Maddox
Another beautiful image from your work with this model! Kudos to her for holding this pose so well... she makes it look so relaxed and beautifully languid. I love the colors in this image... particularly the way the color of her hair and skin is complemented by the color of the carpet on the stairs. I also like the way the sweeping upward leading lines bring the viewer directly to her eyes. Very well-done! -Michael

Alberto Quintal
Excellent! Alberto

A.K. Sircar
Excellent composition,very good exposure and colour contrast,Jon.

Leonardo Villalobos
7 / 7 beautiful shot, good pose, sexy model, congrats !!!

Philippe Carly
Lovely model, excellent light. Perfect composition with the red carpet.

Marc G.
Really a great glamour nude picture, where model, pose and background are all great. Not sure whether you could or would go into this that day, but my only regret, if any, would be that the light is fairly ordinary, whereas all else isn't. If I had time and a model and a place like this, I would personally opt for a darker left and right: some sort of spot light on her, more shadows around her basically. But well, that's just the way I see it from my chair, whereas you may not have been able to spend time on complex lighting on this particular day. Cheers.

Marc G.
Yep. :-) Not easy, of course...:-) I've shot with lightings in a staircase once, and it was hell, and took all day...:-)) Thanks for your comment - to which I just replied. Cheers.

Stephen Solomon
Great Locale No matter which model you have depicted upon this stairway, the lighting is always perfect and they look great. There must be something about the spontaneity of this locale and the fact that you and your models are pulling this off in a public environment.

Neil Peters
I love reading the comments and learning as much as studying your vision John. To know how simplistic and spontanious things can be, in learning to love light, should be in inspiration to all of us who over, and under-think a shot.

John Peri
Mark, thanks for passing by and for your interesting comment. Unfortunately, I do not use other lights than a flash atached to the camera .. sure it limits considerably what I can achieve, but I would like to believe that over the years I have also captured countless of images that I would never have been able to do were I to spend time fiddling around with equipment ... isn't part of that candid look on her face and demeanour above due to the fact that we did this in just a few seconds ... ? To put things in perspective .. this is my apartment building !! I have to stop all the time and rush to hide behind the lift when people pass by ... now, assuming that you could get hold of my model that I keep locked up in the cellar, how would you set up the lights etc that you have in mind ... :-) Have a nice weekend my friend. John

John Peri
The Stairs .. ..

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