morning sunlight, Drome Valley, France

by Clark Brian

morning sunlight drome valley france nikkor af s f if ed nikon dx lee circular polari clark brian

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Tags: nikkor af-s 28-70 f28 if ed nikon d2x lee circular polarizer france drome sunlight morning valley seeking critique

Category: Landscape

Published: Thursday 25th of September 2008 08:13:19 PM


Steve Shinn
Really very nice. I wonder if there is just a tad more of the image above the tree line. If it was cropped, perhaps a slight tug on the upper right corner to keep the feel of this beautiful shot. Either way, IMHO this is definitely a calendar shot.

Javier Soto
Me gustan mucho los colores y la composicion, no hay duda del centro de atencion. Felicidades

Christine R
Beautiful image, with nice colors and composition

Linh Dinh
Beautiful composition! Best regards.

Ken Thalheimer
Classic. It has all the elements perfectly placed. The patterned rows lead the eye directly into the subject. I agree about the treetop & prefer the altered version

Milena Safrova
I like this composition very much, well done

Christopher Harris
Brian - Your attached posting is perfect! Gorgeous photograph. A real treat to see! Cheers! Chris

Apurva Madia
Superb composition, superb colors.

Dave DeJoode
I agree with the above mentioned cropping suggestions. Beautiful colors and composition.

John van Aarle
I really feel relaxed looking at your photo, the lovely lighting, colors and POV are great. John

Christopher Harris
Brian- Initially when I saw this image I was going to say that this really reminds me of some of the work of Charlie Waite. Then I just spent a few minutes going through your magnificent collection; and I have to say, Brian, that much of Charlie Waite's photography reminds me of your work! This is jaw-dropping beautiful; a photograph that had I taken it I might have been very satisfied for years to come. My only tiny nit is that I would have liked just a touch of breathing space between the top of the tree and the top of the frame for the tree just right of the turret. Gorgeous work, Brian! Cheers! Chris

Jeff Tangen
A classic timeless feel to this. Wonderful composition. I can see a large print of this on the wall of a Tuscan mansion.

Claude Corbin
Great light, great lines, and so...Provence!

Brian Clark
Thanks for all your kind comments. I agree about the lack of space at the top of the tree. I have more space in most of the other frames I shot but prefer this composition. A lesson learned! Chris, I am a real fan of Charlie Waite and admire his work tremendously so you have paid me a great compliment. Much appreciated. Regards, Brian

Steve Shinn
OH yeah!!!

Brian Clark
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