by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Sunday 21st of September 2008 08:58:30 PM


Alec Ee
You really know how to relax your models John. A very good example here. Even the Kitty LOL!

Mark Thomas
great lighting, fantastic composition. it looks like you captured a story here. well done.

Janusz Taras
Beautiful composition John.

Alberto Quintal
John. I love the cat in this shot, beautiful model, excellent shot!!! Thanks for the advise, I guess my monitor needs help, when I print pictures I get better colors and contrast, I print in the same computer but I am not good for this job (calibration), I will try printing some in B& W. Using Nikon Capture NX changes a lot the contrast and colors in the monitor, I only use a little PS. Thanks, John, best regards and tell me any time, I like the advises. Alberto

James Luna
This girl has the best expression! Not just body language

Steve Campbell
Softness I like this pic, it seems to carry a certain softness I think B&W was a good choice . The doorway to the right is a bit distarcting .. I persanaly think If you would have cropped that out it would have a better balance..I still like it 6/6

Marc G.
Your added crop is imo better indeed, and losing the dark area at right is surely no big loss at least. Nice...

John Peri
Many thanks Mark and the others too .. just a fun shot .. more of a souvenir than anything else.

John Peri
Well, I will have to admit to it one day Alec ..I'm really a cat in disguise !

Bob Kurt
Wonderful original pose, I love it! Great shot! (I prefer the new crop)

Craig Unger
A very clever shot: John, to eliminate the rating factor, I only give 7.s and when those run out, 6's. Since I only rate photos I regard as excellent, there's no undermining of the system. Offering my opinion of the technical proficiency displayed here, given my amateur status ( v. your professional status, and publication of instructional manuals ) would be presumptuous. The tonality alone would render this a very sensual and technically supurb shot. Going beyond this, you've done something I've not encountered before...I follow your work as an educational exercise, and if you've combined mixed` ( non-contrasting ) spectral imaging previously, I simply missed it. It's an exceptionally dynamic technique, and the spetral shift is suggestive of a shift in color density..while remaining in greyscale. . Exceptional technique, alluring and engaging image ( of course). 7/7. Respectfully, Craig Unger, M.D..

Edwin M. Rosenbloom
Och a nice wee pussy ther :-) :-)

Sweid Sideris
Well... a souvenir? never the less such a delicious character you've captured! A refined tonal range too. Congrats John.

Stephen Solomon
I really like this shot! The expression on both your model and the cat arouse my curiosity to know what has attracted their attention. Very Cool composition and her attire suits the mood of the model and the supporting elements perfectly! I really like it!

Fred Kess
Nice capture Love the relaxed pose and the expression and model's face.

Marc G.
Hi John I love the left side of the picture. Really great in all aspects - both on the model and photographer's side. I wish - and I guess you too ? - that you'd have had the time to orient your camera a bit more to the left so as to get the full body of the cat instead of the dark area on the right. But even as it is, I think it's a fun and very nice photo you captured here... Regards.

Michael Meneklis
One more star by the hand of John. Bravo my friend.

John Peri
How right you are Mark, thank you. Adding the black frame probably accentuates the loss. Thank you so much for passing by. Craig, I am highly flaterred by your remarks, thank you very much. This is just an escape, a source of relaxation for me. However, seeing your bio, we may well have a little more in common than you think ... :-)

Alexander Titov
Beautiful composition

Tony D
I saw this same picture on this website FYI http://www.flickr.com/photos/semilost/4010357369/

John Peri
Thanks Tony. ... people ask me why I so often plaster my name all over my photos, well, this is precisely the reason why .. the matter was reported and the photo has now been removed. Thanks again. John

Maurizio Melozzi
... how many right things contain this picture !!!! perfect !!

John Peri
Sundown down on the terrace ... a time for mixing drinks and conversation ..

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