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Published: Saturday 20th of September 2008 11:12:22 AM


Nathan David
I agree about breaking rules, but I think if you're going to break them, maybe do it intentionally and for reason.

Allan Kirby
Good Lighting Yes, this is a different pose than we are used to seeing in your collection, but I am most impressed by the lighting with good shadow detail. Good ratio. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Nathan David
I feel like the framing could be a bit stronger. In terms of composition, you have too much empty space on the right side of the image and too much dark space on the left, it's unbalanced.

Peter Meade
Hello John, I like the very matter-of-fact, non glamorous nature of this portrait. The far away look leaves me wondering what's on her mind and hand on the neck suggests it's an element of vulnerability. It's a very thoughtful work. P

Afshin Azizi
Beautiful B&W nude shot.Amazing perspective & gesture.Lighting is done very well.Best wishes

John Peri
Thank you Nathan, I appreciate your point of view and will have a long look at it again. I'm always a little sceptical however as regards rules, and admiitedly I don't believe in negative balance or whatever. For me, the subject could be in the bottom hand corner and an image will either have impact or it won't, but I fully conceive that it may not do so for you. Thank you once again.

John Peri
Ha, you appear to know my intentions or lack of them better than me Nathan. I admire such self confidence! In fact I cropped this from a much larger image (sic) but, despite your implication, I don't think that my "reasons" would or should necessarily correspond to yours, or we are back to rules. It is amusing actually that the last time you critiqued one of my photos, you complained about the subject being in the centre! Anyway, you like it or you don't, I appreciate your point of view and thanked you for expressing it, though admittedly I take less well to you discussing my intentions which trespasses on the boundaries of curtesy. I did take your critique into consideration and spent a long moment studying the photo and comparing it with the original. Frankly, I am no longer sure what I think. My inspiration at the time was as it appears now .. if anything, I would remove a bit from the top, possibly moving close to the hairline. "There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs". ~Ansel Adams

Alon Eshel
Soooo beautiful

John Peri
Without critiques or complaints, this place would be a terrible bore, and I never said I was satisfied .. I have not stopped looking at my photo since your comment and however seemingly presumptious the manner in which you expressed it, without doubt you may be correct .. :-) Thank you for passing by again. John

Jim Phelps
John, I particularly like the use of B&W, it makes the contrast due to the hair the dominant contrast in the image, This causes my eye to go to her eyes/face, which is the primary subject of the image. The exposed breast gives the image just the right amount of visual tension. Although not your usual style from the standpoint of eye contact, the eyes dominate the image. My compliments to the both you and the model. Don't change anything! Jim Phelps

Nathan David
I wasn't assuming you didn't do it intentionally, more so just questioning. If you're happy with the result and got what you were going for then that's really what counts, don't listen to me if you like it exactly how it is. I would hate if every photographer listened to all my critique comments and shot exactly like me.
And it's not "complaining", it's critiquing, haha :)
All the best.

Steve Ward
John: Looks like a portrait of(and by) a master. The rest of us are the students.

John Peri
Portrait of a student .. ..

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