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Published: Thursday 18th of September 2008 10:59:04 PM


Jean-Francois Malouin
You friend D.... ...is very photogenic. Regards, jf

Sonia Mason
Perfect crop and framing. Wonderful light and great choice for B&W

Scoota P Franklin
I have always loved your work because... You know how to treat beauty.

John Peri
Haha, that's the funniest one I've read yet ..maybe it's the similar training that I received as you .. in later years I had to practice regularly to keep the students interested in the front row . :-) Jokes apart, I'm glad that you like the portraits, many thanks, it's the young ladies that deserve most of the credit .. :-)

Ellery Curtis
hahaha - dont be modest john - I am sure you got "mad mojo" man - :) - Take care. I certainly give credit to your subjects though

Ellery Curtis
John, I have came across your photos on here from time to time - I am always taken back by them - for me it is the moment you capture - the look of your model. I can only figure that you must be the sexiest man alive perhaps or have some type of "super mojo" cause so many of the portraits of the beautful ladies I feel are looking into the lens with such beauty and desire :) Anyway, this photo is no exception - it is stunning!

John Peri
My friend D ... ..

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