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Published: Tuesday 16th of September 2008 11:13:04 AM


John Peri
The girl next door ..? Yes, Gerry, that's what it's all about ...

Rakesh Syal
WOW, WOW!! So sweet and loveable capture, John! Warm regards, Rakesh.

Tammy V.
What a lovely model and so at ease in front of the camera. Nicely captured, dear John.

Jim Phelps
John, FANTASTIC eyes and facial expression! My compliments to you both. Jim Phelps

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Love the warmth in the eye contact here. Very easy on the eye, and it sparkles, John, with your usual, oh so 'casual' flow :) Well done to you and the model.

Alberto Quintal
WOW!!! Beautiful. Alberto

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
Everybody's girl next door John. Your rapport with the young ladies seems to work all of the time. The bloom of youth in her- ah ,cheeks. I appreciate good nude studies, and thank heavens no tattoos nor piercings to intrude on the wonders of the flesh nicely adorned with some item of clothing that seems just right. Nice. gs

Barbu Cristian
Very nice! Congratulations!

Eric Lefebvre
Goddess in a doorway...I love her eyes and her whole expression.

Bob Kurt
OK :)

Vittorio Pellazza
Masterly captured. Every element speaks about your idea (dress, hairs, pose, etc) Expression captured is super. Everything spiced with your great b&w technique. 7/7

Alon Eshel
Amazing sensual photo . She is soooo beautiful

Stephen Solomon
Caught this one after viewing your "backstage shots". Not a bad idea to view them in succession. This one is very alluring! As you say, maybe never to be repeated. You captured it at just the right moment. Some day, I hope to have half the report you carry with your subjects. It is truly a gift!!

John Peri
Only 4 months ago Gerry ... maybe if you slowed down the aging process a bit you would not need to use your multiplication table ... :-)

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
Still looks great after a year from last viewing. I have this exchange with my wife when we get on each others' nerves now and then " I think I will trade you in for a couple of 19 year old nymphs. She will say " You wouldn't know what to do with them." But what a lovely way to die, trying:-), A very fetching pose of youthful loveliness and sexuality. We are sexual creatures at our roots and thank goodness or we would never propagate.( I refer to raising the little devils :-) )aloha as always, gs

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
Thanks, John. (THWACK!, sound of arrow piercing head , a Steve Martin arrow through the head moment). I needed that buddy ;-(.... Moral= Never never retire. So little time, so many lovely girls to admire.. gs

John Peri
How kind and generous, I'm very touched Geoff, thank you. I do have two books on sale actually through BLURB (without any profit to me) .. they are announced on my front page with a link.

Geoff Powers
Holy Cow! What a beautiful image. Model, pose, lighting, mood, expression, allure, impact, erotics. Everything. I love your stuff. If you haven't already published a book on nude photography, putting one out there is way overdue. You flatter models who aren't the prettiest or most voluptuous. You do justice to those who are breathtaking. Oh, every once-in-a-while you get a little "out there", but even your images on the edge are attention-grabbing and beautiful. I envy and admire your craft.

John Peri
One of those little moments .. rarely to be repeated again ...

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