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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Ton Mestrom
Luca, actually I did just that ;-) What looks great is the light on that cross and your DOF which makes for a very good composition. I think however that the colours in your background look a bit murky. Adding some contrast there and on that beautiful sky will make it look a lot better (I tried). While you obviously chose not too it rocks in b&w as well (tried that too).

Luca Sbordone
Ton, wow! you are doing my homework for me... DOF: Yes... 85mm 1.8. I just love that lens. Unfortunately it has not round diaphragm blades, so OOF point sources look like heptagons, but otherwise I find its bokeh really of my liking. Plus I have the (unscientific) impression that it renders greens particularly well. B/W: I actually did not even try, don't know why: now you say it, and it makes sense. Contrast & sky: The sky was already added some contrast, I had to expose for it to avoid burning out the clouds, so I had to layer both the sky and the cross, but actually I left the background untouched. Good suggestions thanks, I will play around with this one a bit more! L.

Paweł & Grażyna Hachaj

Marie H

My Irish blood is singing. Love it.

Luca Sbordone
As the title says... ... you cannot visit Ireland and never take a photo to a high cross. So don't blame me. Just let me know what you think! ;-) Thanks. L.

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