Kinky II

by Kelly Landrum

kinky ii olympus e n mccormick seeking critique kelly landrum

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Tags: olympus e-20n kinky ii mccormick seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Published: Sunday 31st of August 2008 02:41:46 PM


Landrum Kelly
Well, Michael, it looks a bit kinked up in the middle. It was a cloud before I started messing with it, but I don't remember what I did to it to get this or I would do it again with a bigger file--and then print it! --Lannie

Steven Johnson
Very interesting, very creative outcome :)

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Kim. I would like to be able to say that I planned this, but it just sort of happened. --Lannie

Michael Chang
Lannie, I saw the thumbnail and thought "warping the fabric of space and time", then saw the title. Still trying to find what it is that's kinky... :-)

Kim Slonaker
I have the same problem with PS; I start playing, then can't remember what I've done! However, I have learned to start playing on a really large file and I can always downsize to post. This one is cool, Lannie!

Afshin Azizi
Hummmm...Beautiful and creative.Well done my friend. Best Wishes

Liz Weisiger
Hey, Lannie, this one works for me. I just love images created out of fun.

Cherlyn .
I t doesn't look like a cloud at all, not even close to it. Really wonder what you have done to produce this result. Really interesting.

Efren Vazquez
Very original and aesthetic the reflection of light in the center of the image. Regards

Lee Jianmin
Excellent Abstract!!

Landrum Kelly
That was a cloud, Efren. Thanks to everyone for their comments. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Kinky II This one started life as a cirrus cloud at sunset before I got crazy on Photoshop with it.


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