JP F461

by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

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Published: Friday 24th of May 2002 02:17:43 PM


mario ceresoli
Spontanea! but....Kodak Kodacolor Gold 100?????

John Peri
Yes! I took the colour away and softened the lighting with photoshop.

artistic nudes
beautiful model, great pose. i like where she is looking. a frontal body shot with a profile facial shot is great.

Ray Rupnow
Very Natural Pose, the model looks as though no one is there with her, the sort of look she would give her mirror.

Leica Virgin
Exactly! I agree with R Rupnow.

David Bradley
Great shot and there is so much to mention, but really in this shot, my eyes are constantly drawn to her lovely breasts...

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