Brown Pelican

by Dinh Linh

brown pelican canon d mk chica bolsa seeking criti dinh linh

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Category: Wildlife

Published: Saturday 30th of August 2008 06:00:01 PM


El Porte-Bonheur
Indeed, great action shot again! Big compliments,tbo and best regards, El

Mehmet Masum Süer, AFIAP
Amazing!.. Perfect a work.. Very very good vivid colors, sharping, perspective and especially nice instantane .. Well done Linh!.. Best regards..

Maurizio Moro
Too much nice!...Ciaomau!

Monte Stinnett
Nice stop action and good job on pp. Question is does it get the fish?

Andrei Malashenko
Simply amazing! Regards Andrei

Julio Segura Carmona
Non Rate Preciosa imagen del pelicano, gran nitidez, color y encuadre, Saludos cordiales Linh. PN. no punto.

Armando Jorge
Excellent shot. Great work. Regards

Keith Lancaster
A fabulous have everything going for it..placement, color, action..Very good shot Linh...Regards

Lawrence Paiken
Just incredible...very well done 7/7 (hope you don't mind...I popped this in my favourites folder)

Ahmet Gurses
...EXCELLENT image ... system didn't allow me to give 7/7 ...

Paweł & Grażyna Hachaj

Huseyin Gurses
Very good capture of the moment! The colors, composition everything!7/7 anonymous.

Javed Rassi
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/7 Fantastic high speed photography, great capture Linh. I tried to give 7/7 but it wont let me.

Ruud Albers
A very nice shot, Linh! Best regards, Ruud.

João Pereira de Lacerda Filho
Great captured. 6/6 anon

Linh Dinh
Thank you for all your time. Best regards.

Nadya R.
calligraphy shot!

Dimitare Tchilinguirov
Amazingly captured moment – perfect exposure, colors, details and composition! Great photo! 10/10 :)

Thinh Nguyen
Amazing shot !

Hector Davila
Sooo cool That pelican photo is sooo cool. Did you see the old photo of Al Capone for valentine' day? Al Capone

Will Karr
Great picture I am in awe. Great shot, love the sun through the lower half of the pelican's mouth.

Zach Williams
excellent capture nice color too! really appreciate the highlights on the pelican!

Patsy Dunn
Linh, Wow......your bird shots are amazing. You have a very gifted talent for taking these shots. I bet the birds see you coming & are thinking "Ok there is Linh what can I do for her today"! Great capture. Regards, Patsy

Linh Dinh
Big Mouth - Please view larger I would appreciate your critiques and comments. Thank you!

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