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by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

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Published: Friday 24th of May 2002 12:41:05 PM


Jeremy Stein
This is an interesting pose, and has real possibilities, but the blue and white wall in the background and the bed details in the foreground are really distracting for me. The lighting is good, and your control of focus is good for this shot. Did you take this with a wide angle lens? Her face seems a little elongated.

John Peri
Jeremy, it was a 28-70 mm lens. I agree with your comment. I may have been too close. The bed doesn't bother me though. Like much of my work, it's suppose to make the picture look kind of incidental ... which it was!

Michael Cieslak
Bedpost barrier Engaging. The eye contact, the slight smile, the position of her hands -- all work for me. At first I wondered about the inclusion of the bedpost but it does give a useful perspective, and might be interpreted as a psychological barrier. That is, in spite of the subtle welcoming attitude of the model, something stands between her and the viewer.

Nem W. Schlecht
Perfect This is one of my most favorite from all of your pictures. Your work is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us!

Raymond Borg
Wonderful model and face expression. The lighting is superb but I find the bed post in the foregeound destructing. This is only my opinion. Regards.

John Peri
Well, your opinion is shared by me! .. ha, this was six years ago .. :-)

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