by Jouhtinen Anne

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Published: Thursday 21st of August 2008 09:36:11 AM


Colton Fischer
Is it an albino? I think it's cool how the white of the deer matches the white of the snow and sort of balances the shot out. Congrats.

Anne Jouhtinen
Thanks for the critics and interest. Is it an albino, I can´t confirm 100%ly. An eye seems to be quite red but you can never know. It´s not a rare sight to see a white reindeer in the North even they are usually dark coloured more or less. Thanks for asking, all the best for you! Anne

Sonia Mason
Ooooh! What an experience! I bet you were thrilled. You should crop the bottom a little to make it more panoramic feel. Wonderful shot

Anne Jouhtinen
Thank you a lot! : ) anne

Anne Jouhtinen
The white leader This flock of wild reindeers was met at Lappland by accident. They came from nowhere and gave me an experience I won´t forget.

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